The 101 challenge:

This page is keeping track of our 101 challenge. If you’d like to read a little more about it, click here. Or just read on and wing it because my life experiences have taught me that works too.


1) We’d appreciate it if you credit us in your post and link back to our 101 page. It’s just politeness. Especially as we spent hours making up the list and got stuck at 85 for a week.

2) Try to do the challenges to the best of your ability. For example, #36: Adopt an accent for an entire day, just doing it for 10 ten minutes doesn’t count.

3) Don’t count things that other people have done, only if you and anyone else that writes on your blog has done it, is it complete

The List:

1. Send a message in a bottle
2. Make an origami crane
3. Keep a dream diary
4. Get involved with a world record attempt
5. Win something
6. Stay up all night
7. Invent a secret code
8. Start a collection
9. Visit: a farm; an aquarium; the countryside; a capital city
10. Have a picnic at the top of a hill
11. Make a treasure hunt for your friends
12. Make a time capsule
13. Invent a new game
14. Watch the entire series of Lord of the Rings films
15. Read all of the Narnia books
16. Plant a tree
17. Join a club
18. Cook a three course meal
19. Build a massive sandcastle
20. Spy on someone
21. Pick three words and drop them into a conversation without being caught
22. Steal something from your school/workplace
23.  Watch the sunrise
24. Climb the biggest tree you can find
25. Row a boat
26. Go into a bookstore and leave notes for future readers
27. Build a fort
28. See how many things you can turn upside down in someone’s house before they notice
29. Tell someone a made up elaborate life story
30. Make a photo log of a day in the life of an invisible man
31. Fly a kite
32. Give someone a makeover
33. Watch a sunset
34. Make an item of clothing
35. Scream the words ‘I NEVER ASKED TO BE BORN’ at your parents
36. Adopt an accent for an entire day
37. Visit all four parts of the UK
38. Stand in the sea in the dark
39. Steal a sign
40. Raise money for charity
41. Send someone flowers
42. Go on a bike ride
43. Sell something you made yourself
44. Create your own recipe
45. Make your own ice-cream
46. Go to a coffee shop gig
47. Save up for something you really want
48. Take someone an unexpected gift
49. Go to an art gallery and make a sketch of a painting there
50. Scratch your initials into a tree
51. Send someone fan mail
52. Go on a scavenger hunt
53. Knit something that’s not a scarf
54. Swim in your underwear
55. Make a DIY from something from a charity shop
56. Take someone else’s dog for a walk
57. Make daisy chains
58. Go on a night-time walk (not somewhere dodgy)
59. Wear leg warmers
60. Have tea in a tree house
61. Draw a tattoo in biro
62. Swap infinity rings with someone special
63. Share a cocktail with someone
64. Wear a shirt that says ‘life’ and hand people lemons
65. Go to a concert
66. Make your own sweets
67. Write something with your left hand
68. Flip onto a random page in a cookbook and make it
69. Get a friend to pick you a book from the library and read it in full
70. Have a board game night
71. Make your own bread
72. Go to a car boot sale
73. Learn a new card game
74. Buy the album of someone you’ve never heard of
75. Build a cardboard castle
76. Write a poem
77. Write out your family tree
78. Go to a market
79. Collect pennies and two pence pieces
80. Stargaze and find constellations
81. Make a cake in the shape of something
82. Create your own Chelsea Flower show section in your garden
83. Create a memory book
84. Get a certificate in something
85. Do face paints
86. Make a mood board of your life
87. Go on a treasure hunt
88. Read the archives of your favourite blog
89. Take a picture an hour of the same thing for a day
90. Scrapbook your favourite pictures
91. Write a letter to yourself in 10 years
92. Write an ‘I remember’
93. Make a den in a wood
94. Complete a colouring book
95. Go for a walk in the rain
96. Have a water balloon fight
97. Give a random stranger a present
98. Get a pen-pal
99. Make lemonade
100. Watch all of Starkid’s YouTube productions
101. Find a goat.

Hannah & Katie***


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