Paris Fashion Week – H&M

Last night the Rodin Museum in Paris held the H&M Fall/Winter 2013-2014 ready-to-wear collection show. It was the first time that Swedish designers H&M had their own show during Paris Fashion Week. These designs will be available from stores in September this year, prices starting from £9.99 (which we all know means that everything will be much closer to £20).
Below are pictures of my favourite designs from the collection but if you want to see a video of the event, click here or scroll down to the bottom of the post …


To view a video of all the best bits of the H&M show, click below:


G is for …

G is for … grips hanger

Yes of course ‘grips hanger’ is the technical name for this. Let’s face it, ‘hanger’ is a little far fetched; it’s a piece of string, but I do hang my grips on it.
Then again, this is a very important thing in my bedroom, considering how hair grips seem to have an unfortunate tendency to wander off. This lot started off as a pack of 50, which has now diminished to … urmm … 10.
Anyway, they will not go missing again as I have now created this clever little storage space for them. They are just hung on two screws that sit below my mirror (and should hold the mirror up, but for some reason … well, don’t). All you need is a piece of string and something to hang it off!

Artist of the month – February

Sally McKay:

Sally McKay is an artist who’s main subjects are people dancing and has a very characteristic way of capturing their movements, through broad lines and stokes.
She usually works with the mediums of acrylics and oils or charcoal, but also does sculpture and etching pieces.
I love McKay’s work because of the apparent simplicity of it all (though through experience, I know it is very hard to recreate) and the formation of the movement.

You can visit her website by clicking here or visit her blog by clicking here

Summer please

Today, I have been so cold and grumpy that I’ve spent most of it, sitting in a very uncomfortable position just to have my back to the radiator. My question is, WHEN THE HELL DOES SUMMER GET HERE???

To be honest, I’ve also spent a fair amount of time asking Google that very same question. It couldn’t answer me apart from to say that official summertime in England starts on Friday the 21st of June, which everyone British will know that’s a lie and that it will rain for the entirety of June and July and August, but we’ll have that random two weeks of heatwave in the middle of May.

But while I was moping around, thinking about moving to Italy, and how very British I am to be complaining about the weather, I had a little look through some of my holiday photos from Turkey last year and the memory of how overly hot it was made me happy again, so I thought I’d share them with you.

The place I visited was called Kalkan, a old fishing town on the Mediterranean coast:

It really is the most beautiful place, until you have to climb up several of the hills at three in the morning. It also was extremely hot. For the whole stay it was over 50 degrees, which even the local people said was abnormally not, as it wasn’t full on summertime when we went, but it was still pretty damn lush.

The view from a cafe
This drink was disgusting … but pretty
The view from our balcony

The only sandy beach we saw all week, which was incredibly busy and the sand
was so hot it burned your feet, even in the shade
My best friend and I (I went with her and her parents) being forced to take
an embarrassingly posed photo with these two guys because we wouldn’t go into their cafe
(I’m on the right if you’re wondering)

This is my favourite photo I’ve ever taken, which is why it’s the background of this blog

And finally these are the nicest cocktails the world has ever known. Fact.

Ahh, I feel so much better now …

E is for …

E is for … earrings

These earrings are something of a family heirloom, having been passed down from my Great-Grandmother I think. They’re clip-on ones, which means I don’t wear them very much – anyone who’s ever worn clip on earrings will know how surprisingly painful they are – but they will hopefully be passed down my daughter, unless I only have sons, in which case, they will be having some embarrassing moments in their lives…

D is for …

D is for … ducks

Suprisingly D is quite a hard letter … so ducks, yeah. They are quite adorable though. The one on the left was a birthday present which was named Louis, as we were in a French class at the time. The other isn’t technically a duck, but more of a budgie … with a hat on. My piano teacher knitted me it for some reason, maybe to distract me from attempting to play the piano, which, I admit, I was pretty terrible at …

A is for …

For the next 26 days, I’ve set myself the Alphabet Challenge. The Alphabet Challenge is basically to take a picture of a favourite thing of yours for every letter of the alphabet.

Now I thought that sounded pretty easy, so to make it harder, I’ve narrowed it down to things that are in my bedroom. So everyday I’ll add a new item … I’m dreading X …

A is for … Angel

This one sits on my bedside table and falls off a lot, but she’s still pretty, even with slightly wonky wings. I should really think of a name for her ….. any suggestions?