25 Facts About Me

Hello! So I thought it would be a good idea if I start off this little blog with a few facts about me. 25 actually …

1)   I was born in November. Now people born around November to January time will know this is the worst time to have a birthday. Christmas is just too close and for 10 months of the year, no presents!

2)   I’m terrified of window cleaners. This might seem quite strange, but who likes having someone peer into their room and smirk at them? Which is why I always hide on the stairs when the window cleaners come.

3)   I’m also terrified of cows. After a bad experience with some angry ones on a Duke of Edinburgh expedition, I now strongly believe that a cow can only be a good cow if it’s between two burger buns. Sorry.

4)   Over the past year, I have become somewhat obsessed with nail art, hence this blog, which is a shame, as now all of my money is spent of nail varnishes.

5)   My favourite colour is yellow. It’s just pretty isn’t it?

6)   I’m an insomniac, so if this blog is updated at 4 in the morning, you’ll know why.

7)   In primary school I was in a knitting club, a chess club, maypole dancing club and textiles club. Not because I enjoyed those hobbies exactly (apart from maypole dancing, I’ll admit it), but because me and my friends hated going outside so would just join every club to get out if it.

8)   Whilst in that chess club with one of my best friends, I used to make up all the rules so I would win every time. Somehow she never caught on.

9)   I think mushrooms should be banned.

10)   8 is my favourite number.

11)   I can’t cope when the TV volume isn’t on a 5 or a 10. Why would you put it on 39?! WHY?

12)   I have a not so secret love of Formula 1 racing. My brothers used to force me to watch it with them and now I love it.

13)   I have a slight scar on my right cheek from where I once walked into a spotlight and burned my face. Safety first.

14)   When I was little I had insane chickenpox and I now have little dents in my eyebrows from the spots.

15)   I’m allergic to Plaster of Paris? Strange, I know, but I’m only on 15 and running out of ideas …

16)   The only sport I’m good at is archery. And let’s face it, it’s only because you get to stand still.

17)   I can’t wait to get married because I hate my last name.

18)   I’m a Christian and love God more than anyone. I’m not very good but I’m trying.

19)   I was baptised on the 28th March 2010

20)   The thing I love most about my appearance is my eyes, because they’re a really nice shade of blue.

21)   The thing I hate most about my appearance is my nose, because sometimes it feels like it’s bigger than my entire face.

22)   I really want to be a midwife, like my Grandma was, so I’m planning to go to Uni and become one.

23)   I hate the colour purple, which is strange because my prom dress was purple.

24)   I went to high school in Hollywood … the small town on the outskirts of Birmingham. Yeah, that one.

25)   I can’t say the word ‘millennium’. And I had to Google the spelling too.

I’ve seen a lot of other bloggers do this, so I thought it would be a good way to start things off! Hope you enjoyed it …



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