Valentine’s Day Card

 So Valentine’s Day is almost here again, so I thought I’d share the card I just made with you guys. Unfortunately it’s not for me to give to anyone, but for my Dad to buy off me to give to my Mum. If you want to try and recreate it, just follow the steps below …

Cover two thirds of the card with paper

With a different pattern of paper, cover the top
third of the card, folding one corner over and
fasten with a pin

Cut out a variety of flowers. You can do this either by hand, or as I did with flower shaped punches. Layering flowers on top of each other creates a much nicer 3D effect

Add these flowers into the empty top corner. You could also add other things such as leaves and butterflies

Use a needle to thread beads onto a piece of ribbon

Stick securely between the two pieces of paper, hiding the seam


And there you go! Pretty easy but it looks amazing!

 Perfect not only for Valentine’s but for birthdays, thank you cards or Mother’s day which is coming up soon …

If anyone does recreate this I’d love to see it how it turns out!


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