The perfect home manicure …


So the French Manicure is the mother of all things nail painting. It originated in 18th-century Paris and has been popular ever since. However, it can get very expensive to get them done professionally at a salon, so here’s a little guide to how you can do your own at home …

Make sure you have:

Emery board nail file
Nail buffer
Hand moisturiser
Bowl of warm, soapy water
Nail polish remover
Cotton pads
Cotton buds
Cocktail stick
Clear Nail Varnish
White tip nail varnish

File the nails into curves. Always file your nails in one direction to get a smoother finish. Also, try not to apply too much pressure as this damages the nail.

Use a nail buffer on the top surface of the nail to take away ridges and give a high-quality shine. Most nail buffers have three sides; buff, smooth and shine. Ensure you use all three to get the best results

Soak your fingertips in warm soapy water for around three minutes. This cleans away any dust left from filing and softens the cuticles
Use a cuticle pusher (or if you don’t have one, a cocktail stick) to gently push back the cuticles. The cuticle is the soft pinky skin that protects the divide between the finger and nail, but can grow over the top part of the nail

Moisturise your hands and nails, being careful to rub it into the remaining cuticles. Make sure it is fully soaked in before the next step. Then take your nail polish remover and quickly rub it over your nails. Having moisturiser on your nails when you try to paint them will mean the varnish can’t stick properly

Apply a clear base colour and allow to dry completely

Apply the white tip polish, following the natural curve of the skin under the nail. It is easiest the start in the middle, then move out to both sides

Now I discovered this little tip completely by accident but if you run a cocktail stick along the curve as soon as you have applied a white tip, it replaces a wobbly top with a smooth, professional-looking line 

Use a cotton bud to remove any excess varnish from the sides of the nail

Once the tips are dry apply a top coat of clear nail varnish to protect them from chipping and produce a high-shine effect

Finished! The perfect home French manicure, and maybe a little treat for your dear mothers in a few weeks ….? 

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