Daily Prompt: O…

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Daily Prompt: Odd Couple

Does a messy home (or office) make you anxious and cranky, or is cleaning something you just do before company comes over?

My answer to this really would be both. I do generally clean if someone is coming round, but I find cleaning quite therapeutic as well. There’s something really refreshing about sitting down after a mega clean and see everything where it should be and what colour your carpet is.

But this did get me thinking about how much we do to impress people. If someone is coming over to spend the evening, will you do a big clean of your house and then pretend to your guest that your house looks like a show home all the time, while subtly kicking that stray pen out of sight? I certainly do!

We do this in every aspect of our lives, from only praying if you’re in church, only buying your friend a birthday present if you’re going to see them, or only offering someone help if they’ve asked for it.

But shouldn’t we be doing these things anyway? Houses need to be cleaned, whether someone comes over or not, because otherwise the dirt and dust builds up, and when it comes to a time when it needs to be done, it’s going to be so much harder to do it.


Daily Prompt: Five a Day

I'm part of Post A Day 2013

Daily Prompt: Five a Day

You’ve being exiled to a private island, and your captors will only supply you with five foods. What do you pick?

Today’s Daily Prompt question was quite a hard one. Any foods eaten over and over is bound to get a little boring. But to be honest, if I was exiled, my main concern probably wouldn’t be meal times. But if my captors are being so nice as to give me food options I’d go for …

1) Pineapples. They’re the nicest fruit by far.

2) Bread. Because pineapple on bread is lush. If you’ve never tried it, do. It’s amazing.

3) Chicken. I think I could easily live off chicken.

4) Eggs. Because I’m trying to keep a nice balanced diet on my little island, and they’ll have plenty left over from all the chickens they’re keeping for me.

5) Cadbury’s Dairy Milk Easter eggs. If I have to be exiled I should get a few luxuries right?! And, there’s no way they could make those on my island so they’d have to fly them in. Helicopter comes down; I sneak on; helicopter flies off; I’m free. Sorted.


Penguins and Nostalgia

Do you remember when you were little and it snowed, and you’d get so excited and have to be practically restrained from running out there. I miss that! But now I’m ‘Oh-so-mature’ and all that, all snow means is, it’s cold, it’s wet and it’s really hard to drive.

I also managed to have a very embarrassing moment on the walk home from work with a spectacular fall in front of a man in a lorry. He laughed. A lot.

So my feelings for snow were ever so subtlety negative. But I don’t like being mature, so what better way to change that than with a good old snowman?!

I had one of my monthly meet-ups with one of my best friends, Bella, so we took the opportunity to get out in the snow. And of course, on my swing. Got a little too intimate with the tree behind though.

We then had some fun with food colouring and snow. If you have young kids, this is definitely something you could try in the garden.

We then got down to the main business of making the snowman … which turned into a snow owl … which turned into a snow penguin, because we couldn’t remember what an owl looks like. Introducing, Nathaniel the snow penguin.

Bella insisted that she needed to use a paintbrush. I must admit, it was a little bit useful.

We then decided that we were too cold, so ditched poor old Nathaniel and retreated inside to snuggle up with cupcakes and hot chocolate, and watch old videos of Mr Bean. What’s more nostalgic than videos?! We even had to sit and wait for 10 minutes for it to rewind itself!



DIY – paper flowers

It’s time for another DIY post!
The past few months, preparations have been started for my brother’s wedding in August. They’re getting married in this lovely, but huge, hall. The downside of this is that we have to decorate it all.
To save money, I’ve been experimenting with a lot of crafts, especially flowers and these are definitely my favourites.

Here’s how I did them:

1) Fold a diamond of paper in to a triangle
2) Fold two corners of the triangle into the middle
3) Fold them back in half in the direction you came from, to make a tulip sort of shape
4) Pull the folds up then flatten them out, to make a large diamond shape
5) Fold down the tops of the diamonds
6) Fold the diamonds back into triangles
7) Pull the ends round so that they meet in the middle, and secure them together
8) You need to make 5 of these in order to make a flower
9) Stick all 5 together and you should have something that looks like this:
10) Repeat again and again to make a whole bouquet!
11) Push a stick through the middle for a stem and secure with sellotape

Rimmel – Metal Rush #2

This is the second of the Rimmel Metal Rush varnishes I bought, but this one is in the colour, rather nicely named ‘Gold save the Queen’. Basically all of the colours have something to do with the monarchy. The four colours are ‘Gold save the Queen’; ‘Purple Reign’; Royale Blue’ and ‘Pearly Queen’. Someone got paid a lot of money for that.


Basically, it’s exactly the same as the other polish I bought (you can read my review of that here), expect that the two tone colour is a little less easy to see and looks more like a shadow.
Looking back now I wish I bought ‘Pearly Queen’ instead. If anyone has that varnish could you link a picture so I can see what it looks like?

Z is for …

Z is for … Zuche    (meaning ‘stump of the tree’)

Yes!!! Finally finished!
I don’t think ‘stump’ is really the right way of putting it. It’s more of a stick, but it’s in my room so it counts. 
My dad actually has a matching one for some reason. They’re just really nice to play with while you’re working and things.
And done! This challenge was actually REALLY hard! But I would still recommend it, so if you do do it, leave a link in the comments so I can look at yours.
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Y is for …

Y is for … Yankee candles

We’re almost at the end!!
And Y is obviously Yankee candle because they’re amazing. My favourite is this fruit smoothie because it’s a beautiful colour (that matches my room, again) and smells amazing.
It’s not quite so pretty anymore though, after I discovered that if you drop a lit match in one IT DOES NOT GO OUT. It will keep burning and set fire to everything around it, as you can see from the black marks down the right side of the bottom picture.
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X is for …

X is for … Xenodocheionology         (bear with me on this one)

So Xenodocheionology means to have a ‘love of hotels’.
I discovered I have a love of hotels while on holiday in Turkey with a friend of mine, where we stayed in our own villa.
And … I also bought these bracelets in Turkey.
Okay, it’s a tedious link but it still counts.
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