Ladies’ Afternoon Tea

Yesterday I hosted a pretty posh little party, or a ‘Ladies’ Afternoon Tea’ as it was called on the invitations.
In case there’s anyone who’s not British reading this and has no idea what that is, afternoon tea is tea in the afternoon (which you may possibly have guessed from the title), which usually serves scones with cream and jam, cakes, and of course tea with saucers. Basically we British people like to have this when we’re pretending to be more upper-class than we really are.
I even took the liberty to decorate AND clean my conservatory with some good old fashioned bunting. The one on the right is my favourite. My aunty made it for my cousin’s wedding and the material and the colours make it look so pretty and summery.

The scones were made by my lovely mother, and, from past experience, I can say that they’re delicious, though with all the business of being a hostess, I didn’t actually get to have any. Sad times …
Of course there was a purpose to this afternoon tea. On Sundays I become a Sunday School teacher to my church’s younger youth (which is ironic as I’m only a couple of years older than them). This year we are attempting ’12 months of misson’ in which we do something each month for a charity of our choice. For example, this month was through the afternoon tea; January was doing odd jobs for people and February was a bake sale. This month we were raising money for Tearfund. If you don’t know much about them, you can visit their website here.
I’ll do another post soon about this and the charities soon, so look out for that …

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