Rimmel – Metal Rush

A few days ago I indulged in a few new nail varnishes … let’s say it was a reward for … urm, getting up before 9, of my own accord. I know, quite an achievement.
One of the varnishes I purchased was Rimmel London Metal Rush – Royale Blue
In case you didn’t know, metallic varnish changes colour in the light so you get a two tone effect. According to Rimmel’s website that means we can “Be your own stylist!….Paint.. Metalise.. Mesmerise!” Seems a bit over the top but anyway …

Firstly, the good points:
  • It’s a really pretty colour, though I wouldn’t necessarily call it ‘royal blue’ which I think is more of a darker blue, but the names all have something to do with the monarchy so we’ll give them a bit of artistic license there. 
  • It’s quite thick. No one likes those really thin varnishes where it takes 15 coats before you start to see some colour. This took only two coats.
  • It dries incredibly quickly. I’m talking, less than a minute.
  • It’s cheap. Compared to a lot of other varnishes around at the moment, £3.99 seems hardly anything.

Then, the not so good points:
  • The colour effect only seems to work in full on sunlight. In artificial light, it looks like a normal blue colour with a lot of shine. Even if you’re just sitting inside the effect doesn’t really work fully.
  •  Chips. Noooo! I have to say I was disappointed on this point. Within a day, I’d already adopted these two lovelies:
  • Now this could be my fault but for some reason the brush seemed to feel wrong and I ended up with a lot of varnish on the skin surrounding the nail, which looks pretty crap. Then again, I could have just had a really shaky hand that day! 
If you fancy getting some of this varnish, here’s a link to Rimmel’s website
But if you need an excuse to indulge, head over to Tesco’s website where they have a 2 for 3 offer on all Rimmel products! That was my excuse anyway!

2 thoughts on “Rimmel – Metal Rush

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