T is for …

T is for … tissue box

Yep, a tissue box. This is actually one of my most treasured possessions in my bedroom. Maybe that’s because I just really love tissues? Though it might have something to do with what’s inside it. And no, it’s not tissues.
This box is where I keep a large pile of letters. When I was nine, my dad got cancer and has had lots of health problems since then, so he spent a lot of time away from home at various hospitals.
A lot of the time, he was too ill to see me so we’d send each other letters via my mum and tell each other about our days and draw each other little pictures. 
I keep them all together in that tissue box. Sorry for the sob story but it’s definitely worthy of being ‘T’
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2 thoughts on “T is for …

  1. This is the sweetest thing! My Dad was also very sick when I was young.. let's just say he was literally on deaths door. I drew him pictures all the time 🙂 I guess we're alike in the fact that we're so lucky to still have out Dads with us… and also how we both like llamas! haha xx thecelinieweenie.blogspot.com

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