Get to know me: 21 questions tag

1) How old are you?


2) What’s your middle name?

Elisabeth Ruth

3) What nationality are you?


4) What do you do for a living?

Scrounge off my parents mostly, but I work part time as a waitress

5) If you could visit anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?

South Africa because I have friends who live there and they’re always showing pictures of how beautiful it is

6) What’s your favourite place to shop for clothing?

When I can afford it, Oasis

7) What shoe size do you wear?

6 (UK sizes)

8) How tall are you?


9) What’s your favourite colour?


10) Do you have any siblings?

I have two older brothers, and a sister-in-law, plus four more ‘honorary’ brothers and sisters

11) Do you have any pets?

No! I’ve never owned a pet because my mum doesn’t really like animals, but she did say I could have a turtle and I will hold her to that

12) Favourite make-up brand?

Estee Lauder, because my brother used to work for them (making their website) and they gave me loads of free stuff!

13) What do you do in your free time?

Usually paint, though nowadays it’s usually organizing things for my brother’s wedding

14) Do you leave the house without make-up?

Unfortunately I’m one of the very unlucky people who suffer from permanent dark circles under their eyes, and nothing will get them to go away, so I always have foundation over them when I go out, no matter what!

15) Favourite season?

Spring, because it’s so nice to have warmer weather after a freezing winter. It’s better than summer because British summer doesn’t necessarily mean hot weather and there are no exams in spring

16) What kind of music do you like?

Depends on the mood really. But anything from Mumford and Sons!

17) Favourite movie?

Inception … *mindfuck*

18) Favourite food?

Pineapple, but only if ALL the skin has been taken off

19) Favourite YouTube channel?

Jim Chapman. He just talks so bloody fast!

20) Tent or Hotel?

I do love camping. I go to a festival every year, which involves camping for 6 days (though I’m going twice this year, so 12 days … *gulp*) and after about day 3 the novelty wears off and it’s just uncomfortable and cold, and you have to have a 15 minute walk to have a wee, so overall, probably a hotel.

21) If you have one wish for anything you want, what would it be?

Obviously, aside for curing all illnesses, and poverty and world hunger, I would wish that I could have my own perfect family. But that I mean a husband who loves me and will never cheat on me, and to be able to have the gift of lots of babies.
Thanks for taking the time to read this post! If you do the tag yourself, please leave a link in the comments because I’m a very nosey person and I love to read these sorts of things!


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