DIY – paper flowers

It’s time for another DIY post!
The past few months, preparations have been started for my brother’s wedding in August. They’re getting married in this lovely, but huge, hall. The downside of this is that we have to decorate it all.
To save money, I’ve been experimenting with a lot of crafts, especially flowers and these are definitely my favourites.

Here’s how I did them:

1) Fold a diamond of paper in to a triangle
2) Fold two corners of the triangle into the middle
3) Fold them back in half in the direction you came from, to make a tulip sort of shape
4) Pull the folds up then flatten them out, to make a large diamond shape
5) Fold down the tops of the diamonds
6) Fold the diamonds back into triangles
7) Pull the ends round so that they meet in the middle, and secure them together
8) You need to make 5 of these in order to make a flower
9) Stick all 5 together and you should have something that looks like this:
10) Repeat again and again to make a whole bouquet!
11) Push a stick through the middle for a stem and secure with sellotape


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