Penguins and Nostalgia

Do you remember when you were little and it snowed, and you’d get so excited and have to be practically restrained from running out there. I miss that! But now I’m ‘Oh-so-mature’ and all that, all snow means is, it’s cold, it’s wet and it’s really hard to drive.

I also managed to have a very embarrassing moment on the walk home from work with a spectacular fall in front of a man in a lorry. He laughed. A lot.

So my feelings for snow were ever so subtlety negative. But I don’t like being mature, so what better way to change that than with a good old snowman?!

I had one of my monthly meet-ups with one of my best friends, Bella, so we took the opportunity to get out in the snow. And of course, on my swing. Got a little too intimate with the tree behind though.

We then had some fun with food colouring and snow. If you have young kids, this is definitely something you could try in the garden.

We then got down to the main business of making the snowman … which turned into a snow owl … which turned into a snow penguin, because we couldn’t remember what an owl looks like. Introducing, Nathaniel the snow penguin.

Bella insisted that she needed to use a paintbrush. I must admit, it was a little bit useful.

We then decided that we were too cold, so ditched poor old Nathaniel and retreated inside to snuggle up with cupcakes and hot chocolate, and watch old videos of Mr Bean. What’s more nostalgic than videos?! We even had to sit and wait for 10 minutes for it to rewind itself!




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