Daily Prompt: O…

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Daily Prompt: Odd Couple

Does a messy home (or office) make you anxious and cranky, or is cleaning something you just do before company comes over?

My answer to this really would be both. I do generally clean if someone is coming round, but I find cleaning quite therapeutic as well. There’s something really refreshing about sitting down after a mega clean and see everything where it should be and what colour your carpet is.

But this did get me thinking about how much we do to impress people. If someone is coming over to spend the evening, will you do a big clean of your house and then pretend to your guest that your house looks like a show home all the time, while subtly kicking that stray pen out of sight? I certainly do!

We do this in every aspect of our lives, from only praying if you’re in church, only buying your friend a birthday present if you’re going to see them, or only offering someone help if they’ve asked for it.

But shouldn’t we be doing these things anyway? Houses need to be cleaned, whether someone comes over or not, because otherwise the dirt and dust builds up, and when it comes to a time when it needs to be done, it’s going to be so much harder to do it.



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