Made in Chelsea Catch Up Time!

Season 5, Episode 4

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Awkward silence count: IIIIIIIIIIII

This weeks start of episode quote was “He is being a tit” from Binky’s mum. And that can only mean this is going to be a good one. I mean it’s got Binky’s mum in it.

Spencer and Jamie start event off in bed together, then have an argument about who’s worse while sleeping. Apparently, Spencer snores and Jamie like to tuck himself into a little ball.

Louise and Co. do some Pilates which just seems to involve pushing against a pole. Lou tells everyone that Spencer has vetoed Andy from Louise. So Landy will happen in the near future then?


Seems like everyone’s taking a trip to the gym this episode, which is probably a good thing considering all the drinking they do. This time it’s Stevie and Andy working out *having a conversation by some gym equipment*. Stevie puts the whole ‘did Spencer sleep with another girl in Louise’s bed’ situation straight by admitting he was there, he saw it, and Spenny told him about it the day after. Why didn’t he say something before?!

Jamie has his own drama going on, as he’s still trying to work out if he kissed Lucy on the skiing holiday and/or if he’s been flirting with her recently. I think he denies it? He does stutter a lot. He also compares having Lucy saying they kissed with being an innocent man in jail, which I’m sure feel exactly the same.

Tired of being in Chelsea for so long, a nice group of everyone with stuff going on in this episode go on a country walk, which seems to involve less walking, and more drinking in the pub.

Meanwhile in a different woods, Cheska and Ashley go horse-riding and have a chat about Ollie on a convenient  bench. Turns out we’re getting ANOTHER new character (anyone else struggling to remember names?). Cheska does like him – now there’s a surprise.


Back in the country *pub*, Andy and Fran set up a date amongst a lot of giggles. Everyone prepare to cringe.

Lucy and Jamie have a chat, which turns more into a shouting match, but excitingly, Lucy tells Jamie not to interrupt her, which is one of his more annoying habits. Jamie can’t seem to deny that he kissed her anymore, but then seems to take a leaf out of Spencer’s book and gets really mean, telling Lucy that he hates her.  He eventually runs away, repeating ‘I love Tara’ a lot.


Ashley, Ollie, Oscar, Richard and Cheska have a dinner date together and it is awkward times. Ashley gets annoyed when she finds out Oscar and Ollie regularly have cheese in bed together, which I must admit, is a little weird.

Continuing on the list of awkward firsts, Andy and Fran have a first kiss that mainly involves looking at each other and smirking.


Back at Ollie’s dinner, it turns out that basically everyone hates each other, especially Cheska and Richard, and it all descends into lots of shouting. Cheska says “why did you bring this up?”  a fair few times. For some drama shizz m’dear.

Apparently the MIC producers decided that their hadn’t been enough awkward conversations this week so brought out a five-star one between Stevie, Andy and Spencer, where Stevie tells Spencer he knows he did the dirty with another girl. Surprisingly, Spencer doesn’t have his usual reaction of getting angry and saying ‘fucking’ a lot. He just looks kind of sad and disappointed with himself, which is probably all acting.

A new club opens so of course the whole cast turns out to argue with each other. Louise interrupts Lucy and Spencer’s chat, by greeting Spencer with a kiss on the cheek, then walking off. What?! I thought she hated him?


Leaving us some time to work out what that was all about, Ashley finds out that Oscar has stayed in Ollie’s bed while they’ve been a couple. Is that more or less weird than the cheese thing? Ashley and Ollie shout lots of things over the top of each other, that mainly seems to be ‘I don’t want to see you’; ‘I want to see you’; ‘let’s spend more time together’; ‘I think we spend too much time together’. After a very confusing argument, Ashley storms off shouting that she doesn’t want to see him anymore.

Jamie tells Tara about Lucy off-screen, then she turns up at his house again – does that mean that she basically followed him home? Anyway, Tara tells his face, using her ‘stern’ voice. Jamie stutters a lot, there’s a lot of ‘I’m-very-disappointed-in-you/myself’ faces but I think they’re still together?


Back to the main drama and Spencer tells Louise the truth – yes he did sleep with somebody else in her bed. Louise looks as though she’s about to cry and ruin the strong woman thing she’s got going on lately, but then she pulls herself together and gets pretty angry.

Rosie looks incredibly uncomfortable.

Creating next week’s cliffhanger, Spencer then claims that Louise has slept with him 10 times since they broke up. Woohhh, this is getting complicated. Now it’s Louise’s turn to deny everything. She even swears on the lives of everyone she loves that it’s not true. Bet it is.

So Lou STILL didn’t cry, Francis was sadly missing and Spencer, Louise, Jamie and Ollie all have very similar storylines.

Episode 1
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My Film Wishlist

*Sorry for the layout of this post, nothing seems to be sitting right*

I’m a big filmwatcher. I’d choose a film over tv anyday. I don’t care if I’m at the cinema, in my living room or sitting with my laptop, two and a half hours will beat 30 minutes hands down. Maybe that’s just because it wastes more time of my day, but I think it’s just that I need a more complex story in order to keep my concentration, unless it’s How I Met Your Mother of course.

My favourite filmy website at the moment is IMDb. It lets you know what’s coming, what’s been and what other people thought of it. So here’s a little list of the films to be released in the near future that I will definitely be off to see:


1) The Great Gatsby

Released: 16th May 2013 (UK release)
Starring: Leonardo DiCaprio
Carey Mulligan
Joel Edgerton

It’s Leonardo DiCaprio, need I say more? And he’s looking fine. It’s set in the 1920s but after
that I’m not entirely sure what goes down. Something involving war, parties and Leo
looking sad. But let’s be honest – it looks amazing and Leo looking anything makes it worth

2 guns

2) 2 Guns

Released: 2nd August 2013 (US release – there’s no UK date yet)
Starring: Mark Wahlberg
Denzel Washington
Paula Patton

Now this one looks amazing. My favourite films are the ones that have car chases and gun
fights mixed in with a little humour, and this looks like it has it all.
I already have a favourite bit:

“So we’re working together?”
“No not like we’re working together, like we’re working in the same … city”
“No, in the same … area code.”


3) Now You See Me

Released: 31st May 2013 (US release – there’s no UK date yet)
Starring: Morgan Freeman
Jesse Eisenberg
Mark Ruffalo
Who doesn’t love a bit of magic? This one’s about a group of magicians who rob banks as
part of their acts. If we’re being honest, the magic they’re using does look like it would be
more at home in Hogwarts, but we’ll allow them some artistic license. And it has Morgan
Freeman in it and he’s awesome.



4) Peeples

Released: 10th May 2013 (US release – there’s no UK date yet)
Starring: Kerry Washington
Craig Robinson
David Alan Grier
Here’s a little comedy to mix in with all this drama. It’s a pretty obvious storyline. A guy
wants to marry a girl but has to get the permission of her scary father first. It’s probably
quite obvious how it’s going to end too, but the bits in between look pretty funny.

Favourite part of this trailer is definitely when he puts on the headdress and does some sexy
dancing.It kind of reminds me of King Julien XIII from Madagascar.

Epic5) Epic

Released: 22nd May (UK release)
Starring: Amanda Seyfried
Beyoncé Knowles
Josh Hutcherson
Okay this looks quite good – I mean, the slug is my new favourite thing in this world, but let’s
be honest, I kinda only want to see it because I want to listen to Josh Hutcherson’s voice for
a few hours. I don’t even need his face to be able to be slightly in love with him. Oh, and
Beyoncé’s in it too, and that can only make a thing better right?


6) The Kings of Summer

Released: 31st May 2013 (US release – there’s no UK date yet)
Starring: Nick Offerman
Moises Arias
Nick Robinson

Three guys run away from their parents and live in the woods instead. Kind of like when I
was little and would run away to the bottom of the drive until the Tweenies came on. It does
look kinda funny though and there’s even some bare chestedness which I wouldn’t say no
to. Favourite trailer bit:

“Did you wear the blue shirt today, not the one with the pocket?”
“Woooh, rope in the attitude mister, this is your mother you’re speaking too. Who’s he
putting on a show for?”
“Oh girl check, girl check. Checking for a girl in a bikini.”

Any other suggestions for me to add to my worryingly large list?


Cut-Out Cupcakes

So it’s another friend of mine’s birthday today. Man, these things just keep coming! I feel like it was only last week that I was desperately trying to think of a present for my best friend’s birthday, but that was actually back in March!

I think I’m going to end up as a ‘thing’ girl. A lot of my friends are ‘thing’ girls. The sort of girls that, when you turn up at a party, people will ask “Oh, is cocktail girl coming?” (she does make some interesting mixes) or for the less fortunate, ‘sick girl’ – (who could forget that night?). I reckon my thing will be cakes. And that’s fine by me. Who doesn’t want cake girl to turn up?

So being the cake girl that I am, I (and a little help from Bella) baked some mean chocolate muffins. Pretty basic stuff, but tasty all the same. In an attempt to make them look a little more exciting, I coped an idea from Do or DIY’s instagram. They post some clever stuff on there (@do_or_diy if you’re interested). You can see the original post here.


Mine didn’t quite work out like those in the example, but then again, when do they ever? The top was just too crumbly to stay together and I didn’t actually have a heart cutter that small so I was cutting them out by hand. If you want to try this, be prepared for a lot of mess!




I also made these little message flags out of some spare paper and cocktail sticks. I won’t tell you how to make them. It’s pretty obvious.



Another birthday down, and almost a whole month until my next one, though that’s my Mum’s so I can hardly get away with making her cake. Any ideas anyone?



Plants and Photobombs

As Tuesday was such a lovely sunny day, yesterday, my parents and I decided to spend the day at Birmingham Botanical gardens. Unfortunately  it turns out the sun can only come out for one day a week, and it was pretty cold. Not being one for the appreciation of plants, I took my camera along in the hope that it would add some excitement to the hours of looking at flowerbeds.


My dear father does enjoy attempting to photobomb every one of my pictures. And he does it very well.




He does have the ability to take moderately nice photos too …

DSCN1475But not for very long.


In true British style, it soon started to rain, and continued to do so for three hours.





Who knew that about Liquorice?






Who can resist climbing into small spaces?

DSCN1557Is this pun intentional, do you think?





These plants were kept in alarmed cages. Apparently they’re very valuable – and adorable.




Daily Prompt: Earworm

I'm part of Post A Day 2013

Daily Prompt: Earworm

What song is stuck in your head (or on permanent rotation in your CD or MP3 player) these days? Why does it speak to you?

I’ve had a song stuck in my head all day. It’s the obvious choice of ‘How Do You Solve a Problem Like Maria?”.

I don’t know why – last time I watched the film was sometime last summer, but it’s going round and round.

Why does it speak to me? It doesn’t. It just seems unfortunate that she’s spent all these years as a nun, when the solution to her ‘problem’ was getting a boyfriend.

Made in Chelsea Catch Up Time!

Season 5, Episode 3

Episode 1
Episode 2

Awkward Silence Count : IIIIIIIIIIIIIIII

It’s London Fashion Week in Chelsea which means we get some very strange clothes mixed in with the hell of a lot of drama going down …

So it turns out there was a little hanky-panky going on behind the scenes at last week’s ski trip. Jamie snogged Lucy in the hot-tub despite the fact he spent most of it flirting with Phoebe.

Cheska and Ashley have a nice chat, which then quickly spirals into awkward territory when Ashley tells Cheska that she found gay porn in Ollie’s DVD collection. Apparently she thought he was straight – doesn’t she watch Made in Chelsea?

A quick break from the drama lets us enjoy Francis skating down a street wearing ski goggles, and Jamie and Proudlock showing off their sporting ability by throwing a rugby ball to each other, despite the fact they’re so close they could probably just pass it.


Lucy inevitably finds out Jamie has a girlfriend and turns her face away from the camera a lot in an effort to portray some form of emotion.

Spencer decides to break up with Louise. Why is he so infuriating? He tells Jamie and Proudlock he ‘hopes it won’t be awkward’ – No Spencer, it’ll be angry.

Ashley confronts Ollie about his porn stash – to make matters even awkwarder, in this scene Ollie kind of reminds me of a guy I once dated. I’m physically cringing.


It’s Spencer and Louise break up time – uh oh. Spencer delivers some classic break up lines in spectacular fashion: “I can’t be in a relationship right now”; “We’ve drifted apart” and “You pushed me away” all featured.
Louise seems to finally get what an idiot she’s been and what a dick Spencer is. They proceed to scream at each other and Louise even goes in for a girly little punch.
Spencer delivers some more lines that could compete for The-Best-Line-Ever-Said-On-Made-in-Chelsea-Award:
1) “I’m not the one that cries over every lunch or dinner”
2) “It’s fucking hard to respect you when you allow me to cheat on you”


Just when we thought the drama was over, Spencer sends Jamie a text with two kisses!! What?! What guy sends kisses to another guy?! And two!? Anyway, he tells Jamie about his and Louise’s break up and describes it in honest detail – “She lost it – I didn’t say a word”. Humm, I heard him say a lot of words.

Louise, on the other hand, has gone up in my estimation, by not crying AT ALL. ALL EPISODE. Congrats Lou. Millie tells her that “literally, there’s like a light shining out of you”.

Andy sips a girly cocktail with Binky and gets excited about Louise’s new singleness. His eyes and nostrils widen to a worrying size. Also, this is one of the best screen-shots ever:


Jamie can’t remember if he did kiss Lucy or not – Francis tells him not to tell his girlfriend Tara, if he thinks she wont find out – Francis, this is a TV show, of course she’s going to find out.

The episode ends with Rosie’s end of Fashion Week party with several questionable blazers, and some heated discussions.

Andy and Spencer seem to make up but then things get awkward again when Andy asks Spencer if he’d be alright if he asks out Louise.  Apparently not.

Then Louise asks to speak to Spencer. Millie, Binky and Lucy seem to watch Spencer and Louise’s chat with as much pain as all the rest of us, as Louise accuses Spencer of sleeping with someone in her bed. Phew, this is heavy stuff.

Ending the nights dramatics, Tara and Lucy have a chat. Turns out Tara’s 18?! What?! We find out that Tara and Jamie have been together for 6 months, meaning that when he was chasing Binky, he was a taken man! Ughh, Jamie. Lucy hints and skirts around the subject until Jamie turns up and looks like he’s about to piss his pants. They don’t tell her though. I guess they’re saving that drama for next week.

So Jamie’s an idiot, Spencer’s an idiot, Louise didn’t cry and no one got naked. Bad times.


7 Tips to Improve Your Mood

I’ve had a pretty rubbish day.

Well, okay, that may be a bit of an overstatment, but it still has left me feeling pretty … ‘urghh’ – I believe that is the technical term.

The main reason that I went into my old sixth form today (I was forced to drop out due to illness, but I’m planning to go back in September) because I’m starting an EPQ course. After waiting around for what felt like AGES, I had a 5 minute chat with a teacher, then spent the next hour and a half sitting round distracting my friends from doing actual work. But what really ruined my mood was when one of my friends mentioned the Sixth-Form Ball at the end of the year and I realised that all of my friends are getting all dressed up and going together. Without me. Bad times.

So I’ve sat here and moped for a bit, then decided to turn to my good friend Google. He’s great isn’t he? And I found this:

‘Seven tips for making yourself happy in the next hour’

7 things

Boost Your Energy:

The suggestion for this was to go for a ten-minute walk, but I have blisters on my feet from the walk home from college this afternoon so I opted for a few minutes on the swing in my garden instead … it started as fun, but then I found that I’m a lot bigger now than I used to be and every time I swing backwards, I hit a tree. And I now feel slightly sick too.

Reach Out to Friends:

I just sent a text to my best friend in high school. She went to a different college to me and we’ve grown apart a little, though we still meet up every month. She hasn’t replied … this is going well.

Rid Yourself of a Nagging Task:

Two copies of my CV have been printed off, ready to be taken to their new homes tomorrow morning. I’ve been meaning to do this for months!

Create a Calmer Environment:

My desk now has space for me to actually put my laptop on, so I don’t just have to jam my legs against the edge of the table and balance it on the top of my knees. That has improved my mood because that position is both precarious and incredibly painful.

Lay the Groundwork For Some Future Fun:

Found a possible pair of shoes for my bridesmaid duties at my brother’s wedding, not sure if I really like them though, and I now have a headache coming on …

Do a Good Deed:

I would have had to do it anyway, but I made a requested paper rose for my mum. She said it was too small. Now I’m angry too.

Act Happy:

Apparently fake smiling can improve your mood. It hasn’t.

So that didn’t really work did it? I think that on any other day this would have made me happier – today I’m just in an intense foul mood that nothing will cure except curling up in bed with chocolate and a good supply of YouTube videos. But I can’t do that. I’m off to make a bigger paper rose …


Paper Flower Tutorial

I think I’m drowning in wedding planning.

Of my non-working days this week, I’ve spent one making roses out of icing, one making paper flowers for decoration, and one sketching an example wedding cake. This evening, I’m off to a friend’s house to help her organise her seating plan and room layout! I’ve discovered that I wouldn’t be a very good wedding planner. As much as I love them, working with wedding stuff all the time has made me a little hopeful that I become a crazy cat lady.

These are some of my favourite creations, and how to make them:

1) Make two pieces of paper into squares

2) Fold diagonally in half

3) Fold diagonally in half again

4) Draw half a petal shape on two sides of the triangle

5) Cut one out, then you can use the second as a template for perfect matching!

6) Cut out the second triangle

7) Draw two curved lines on one side of the shape

8) Fold in half then cut along the lines

9) Unfold

10) Curve the middle section of the petal into the middle, and once they’re all gathered, staple them down

11) Do the same on the other side

12) Staple both flowers together


Now go and make hundreds more in various purple shades so I don’t have to do it. Thanks.

(P.S. This is my 69th post … let’s all just snigger silently … )


Daily Prompt: History of Language

I'm part of Post A Day 2013

Daily Prompt: History of Language

Write a piece of fiction describing the incident that gave rise to the phrase, “third time’s the charm.”

Who needs fiction. I have a real-life example …

My parents were married for 4 years, then had a little baby. It was a boy. Ew.

Four years later, they had another. Another boy.

This time, it took longer to get over the grief of now having two sons, but five years later, they had another baby.

A girl. Me.

Third time’s the charm.