Rimmel – Ruby Crush

This is the third of the nail varnishes I bought a few weeks ago and I’m sad to say it’s my least favourite.

It’s from the Rimmel range ‘Precious Stones’ in the colour ‘Ruby Crush’. The website says that it will transform my nails into ‘dazzling gems’. Alright, yes, it’s sparkly, but there’s not half as much glitter as I thought there would be.



Good points:

  1. Colour. The colour is a lovely strong ruby-red that really stands out.
  2. Sparkles. There are two different types of glitter. An underlay of red sparkle, and an overlay of larger silver ones.
  3. Texture. It has a slightly rough texture which is a nice change from smooth nails. If you’re not quite brave enough to try the furry and concrete textured sort of varnishes that are out at the moment, this is a nice in-between.

Bad points:

  1. It’s thin. I had to put a undercoat of a different red coloured varnish in order to cover the whole nail.
  2. Chips. Despite putting a clear varnish over the top, within a few hours I already had quite a few chips. By today (2 days after putting it on), there is at least one chip on each nail. And I haven’t really done that much!
  3. Getting it off. Removing this varnish has proved to be surprisingly hard, and it took me a good few minutes to completely clean just one nail!

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