March Favourites

March has gone already?! What?! I’m not sure it’s possible that it’s already been three months since Christmas. But in other news that means that there’s only eight months until my birthday!

Anyway, here’s a little rundown of all my favourite things from March:



  • Rimmel Metal Rush Nail Varnishes. I just thought they were such pretty colours and it gets me so excited when they change colour in different lights. I’m a girl of simple pleasures. (To read my reviews of them, click here.)
  • Soap & Glory Body Butter. My hands have an amazing knack of drying out no matter what you do, so I have to apply this rather liberally. But it does smell AMAZING, which makes up for it.
  • White Musk by The Body Shop. It has such a nice smell; really clean and fresh. It is an eau de toilette though so doesn’t have a very strong smell but that just makes it perfect for spring.



  • The Lucky One; Safe Haven and The Choice by Nicolas Sparks. I went on a bit of a Sparks spree and am now completely in love with his writing. Although his storylines can be a little samey, there’s still enough twists and turns to keep you interested.
  • The Life-Saving Adventures of a Doctor at Sea by Ben Macfarlane. This is more of a biography but written in a fictiony kind of way. It tells the story of all of his adventures working as a doctor on a cruise ship. If, like me, you love a medical story, I definitely recommend this.

Films: (To see any of the trailers, click the title of the film)


  • Man on a Ledge. I saw this advert when it came out in the cinemas but never got round to it. But then I found it one LoveFilm, watched it with my friend and we both thought it was amazing. Now if you’re a person who loves loads of action and killing and car chases, there’s not a lot of it, but there was a lot of suspense. There were times when we were clinging to each other, shouting at my laptop “NO, NO, NO, HURRY UP, NOOOOOO!!!”
  • Despicable Me. This was another oldish film I watched via LoveFilm. I’ve actually watched it before, but we wanted a nice film to watch on Easter Sunday that everyone from my 22-year-old brother, and my hating-any-violence-or-swearing mother would enjoy. Surprisingly, Despicable Me kept everyone entertained, as even though it’s a film aimed at kids, it has enough humour to keep adults happy.





  • Perception. Another one from LoveFilm. It’s CSI style but the main character is a schizophrenic neuropsychiatrist who helps out the FBI and a woman who always wears the same clothes. It’s awesome and I’m really sad I’ve finished it.
  • How I Met Your Mother. The new series is only just being aired in the UK and I’m bloody excited because I think we FINALLY get to meet the mother in this one? Also, Barney and Robin get married?! WHAT?! One a different note, is it just me or is Barney’s beige coat like the nicest one ever??
  • The New Normal. The guy that plays David is really fit. Nuff said.

Blog Posts:


  • Sam Pepper Vlogs. The other day, I sat and watched every single one of them (there’s 50 of them so that’s quite a bit of time wasted). I just love his voice! And of course, his cat is the most adorable thing on the entire planet.
  • Mixing drinks. I’m not talking alcohol here, I’m talking normal soft drinks. Try mixing apple and blackcurrant squash, orange juice and lime squash with lemonade and prepare to die with happiness.


  • I finally went back to my old sixth form after 3 months apart! I was terrified and was convinced I was going to die (anyone else who suffers from anxiety will know how it is!) but I did it and I was alright. I was only meant to be there for 2nd period but was still there at the end of 4th. Hopefully I’m going to be starting a project sort of thing to keep me in the school loop until I can start the year again in September.
  • Raising £36.50 at this month’s charity event. It might not sound much but we were charging people £3, and about 10 people came so that more than it should have been!
  • March was the month of birthdays. My brother’s on the 19th, my Dad’s on the 21st and my best friend’s on the 24th. I’m so happy that I was well enough to spend time with them and celebrate their birthdays.
  • Easter! Especially Easter Sunday when I and other people in my church spent most of the day going round the village our church is in, giving people daffodils. It was lovely to see how appreciative they were of such a small gesture and their surprise that we didn’t want anything from them!

Goals in April:

  • To get a job. My CV is sitting waiting so I have no more excuses to put it off …
  • Paint some canvases. I haven’t painted half as much as I’d have liked to this month so I aim to make time to do it.
  • Find an awesome birthday present for my friend Meg. She’s a really hard person to buy for so I usually cop-out and get her something crap. But not this year!



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