Peppermint Mud Pies – Not of the Garden Variety

I went on a walk yesterday. Woooooh, yes let’s just get over that first. A proper walk, in a woods, with a dog.

I say it was a wood. It was a small collection of trees that is a poor example of a ‘wood’ but still, there were trees so I guess it counts.

I went with my mum’s best friends’ daughters. Having no sisters of my own (boo for brothers) these two girls are my honourary  little sisters and I do love spending time with them. Anyway, me and Amy, the youngest, had great fun climbing up trees; climbing into streams; getting stuck in streams; having to be rescued from streams etc.

After running around WAY more than the dog, we went to have afternoon tea at an adorable tea room (and play on their obstacle course) where conversation turned to things I used to do with them when they were little, one of which was make mud pies. They’d always be really upset when they couldn’t eat them so I invented this little recipe to keep them happy. After a little reminiscing I remade them today:


1) Melt 250g of plain chocolate in a bowl over a simmering saucepan

2) When all the chocolate is melted, remove from heat and add drops of peppermint (to taste. I like mine really pepperminty so use 7 or 8 drops)

3) Stir in handfuls of rice crispies until you have your desired consistency; I like mine with quite a lot of chocolate left on its own

4) Spoon onto baking parchment and put into the fridge for 20 minutes to set

5) Take a very off-putting photo of your father pulling a face while eating them



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