Daily Prompt: Alma Mater

I'm part of Post A Day 2013

Daily Prompt: Alma Mater

You’ve been asked to speak at your high school alma mater — about the path of life. (Whoa.) Draft the speech

Hey guys,

So first of all, what the hell is an ‘alma mater’?! I’ve googled it any the definition I found was the national anthem of a high school or college. And our school is definitely not highbrow enough to have an anthem. But I guess it doesn’t matter. It’s not like any of you are actually listening right now.

Okay, so the path of life. I’m as lost as you are. I have no idea. My only idea comes from the lyrics of the song ‘Heavyweight Champion of the World’ by Reverend and the Makers: “Get born, get school, get job, get car, pay tax and find a wife”. Or, you know, you could be the heavyweight champion of the world. If you wanted?

That’s all I have. I do apologise.


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