Polyvore Prettiness

I think I have a problem. If you’ve read my blog post ‘A Dress, a Bear and a Little White Lie’ you’ll know that I do like a nice dress. However, it’s now got to the point of being a little excessive. My dress section takes up more than half of my wardrobe. Now this might be acceptable, apart from the fact that I live in England, which means that on average, only about two weeks a year is the weather appropriate for a dress.

But a girl can dream right? And usually I do. Of dresses.

So here’s my selection of what dresses I would buy for spring in that imaginary world where I have endless amounts of money and the sun is actually making an appearance. Spring is definitely my favourite season for clothes because of the pale, pastel colours that get me excited for the end of the cold weather. Oh wait, it’s still here.

19th Main Street

If you fancy having a look around some of my other creations on Polyvore, click here.


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