Don’t judge me …

In the words of Britney Spears, ‘Oops, I did it again’ …….. I bought more nail varnish.

I promise, I really didn’t mean to! And in fact, it’s all my friend’s fault because I bought it from a shop that I would never usually step foot in.

My friend (Becca, if you’re interested) came up to Birmingham from London the other day to visit me and a few others. She’d never seen Birmingham before so we took her on a tour of the best parts; the jelly bean bull; the Bullring’s best loos; slut alley; all the big tourist spots. Anyway, she is still in the age bracket where you are allowed to shop at Claire’s, and wanted to go in.

Ahh, remember the day’s of going into that shop and looking at all the fake hair, multi-coloured hairbands and people crying in the corner as they got their ears pierced. It was exactly as I remembered and I wondered round pretending to be all highbrow and old, when I found a whole wall of nail varnishes.

This can’t end well.

I asked my friends to stop me doing it, but I still came away with three new ones, trying to pretend that I didn’t just buy something from a shop where I was served by a woman wearing a pink, fluffy tiara.

I didn’t really expect them to be very good, but I was pleasantly surprised when I tried the first two out:




 Good points:

  1. They’re both really strong colours and the only reason I had to do two coats was because of the brush
  2. The turquoise one actually says it’s chip resistant and they really are. It’s actually the best polish I have in the way of chips. There are literally none and they’ve been on for days now.
  3. Cheap! This was one of the reasons I allowed myself them. They were on offer AND only £2-something

Bad points:

  1. The brush is crap. It doesn’t give you an even coverage at all, meaning you have to go over with a second coat

So if you’ve never tried Claire’s nail varnish, go investigate! But only if you’re below the age of 15 and/or with someone under that age. Because otherwise, it’s just not acceptable to be wandering around the land of glittery handbags.


3 thoughts on “Don’t judge me …

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