7 Tips to Improve Your Mood

I’ve had a pretty rubbish day.

Well, okay, that may be a bit of an overstatment, but it still has left me feeling pretty … ‘urghh’ – I believe that is the technical term.

The main reason that I went into my old sixth form today (I was forced to drop out due to illness, but I’m planning to go back in September) because I’m starting an EPQ course. After waiting around for what felt like AGES, I had a 5 minute chat with a teacher, then spent the next hour and a half sitting round distracting my friends from doing actual work. But what really ruined my mood was when one of my friends mentioned the Sixth-Form Ball at the end of the year and I realised that all of my friends are getting all dressed up and going together. Without me. Bad times.

So I’ve sat here and moped for a bit, then decided to turn to my good friend Google. He’s great isn’t he? And I found this:

‘Seven tips for making yourself happy in the next hour’

7 things

Boost Your Energy:

The suggestion for this was to go for a ten-minute walk, but I have blisters on my feet from the walk home from college this afternoon so I opted for a few minutes on the swing in my garden instead … it started as fun, but then I found that I’m a lot bigger now than I used to be and every time I swing backwards, I hit a tree. And I now feel slightly sick too.

Reach Out to Friends:

I just sent a text to my best friend in high school. She went to a different college to me and we’ve grown apart a little, though we still meet up every month. She hasn’t replied … this is going well.

Rid Yourself of a Nagging Task:

Two copies of my CV have been printed off, ready to be taken to their new homes tomorrow morning. I’ve been meaning to do this for months!

Create a Calmer Environment:

My desk now has space for me to actually put my laptop on, so I don’t just have to jam my legs against the edge of the table and balance it on the top of my knees. That has improved my mood because that position is both precarious and incredibly painful.

Lay the Groundwork For Some Future Fun:

Found a possible pair of shoes for my bridesmaid duties at my brother’s wedding, not sure if I really like them though, and I now have a headache coming on …

Do a Good Deed:

I would have had to do it anyway, but I made a requested paper rose for my mum. She said it was too small. Now I’m angry too.

Act Happy:

Apparently fake smiling can improve your mood. It hasn’t.

So that didn’t really work did it? I think that on any other day this would have made me happier – today I’m just in an intense foul mood that nothing will cure except curling up in bed with chocolate and a good supply of YouTube videos. But I can’t do that. I’m off to make a bigger paper rose …



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