My Film Wishlist

*Sorry for the layout of this post, nothing seems to be sitting right*

I’m a big filmwatcher. I’d choose a film over tv anyday. I don’t care if I’m at the cinema, in my living room or sitting with my laptop, two and a half hours will beat 30 minutes hands down. Maybe that’s just because it wastes more time of my day, but I think it’s just that I need a more complex story in order to keep my concentration, unless it’s How I Met Your Mother of course.

My favourite filmy website at the moment is IMDb. It lets you know what’s coming, what’s been and what other people thought of it. So here’s a little list of the films to be released in the near future that I will definitely be off to see:


1) The Great Gatsby

Released: 16th May 2013 (UK release)
Starring: Leonardo DiCaprio
Carey Mulligan
Joel Edgerton

It’s Leonardo DiCaprio, need I say more? And he’s looking fine. It’s set in the 1920s but after
that I’m not entirely sure what goes down. Something involving war, parties and Leo
looking sad. But let’s be honest – it looks amazing and Leo looking anything makes it worth

2 guns

2) 2 Guns

Released: 2nd August 2013 (US release – there’s no UK date yet)
Starring: Mark Wahlberg
Denzel Washington
Paula Patton

Now this one looks amazing. My favourite films are the ones that have car chases and gun
fights mixed in with a little humour, and this looks like it has it all.
I already have a favourite bit:

“So we’re working together?”
“No not like we’re working together, like we’re working in the same … city”
“No, in the same … area code.”


3) Now You See Me

Released: 31st May 2013 (US release – there’s no UK date yet)
Starring: Morgan Freeman
Jesse Eisenberg
Mark Ruffalo
Who doesn’t love a bit of magic? This one’s about a group of magicians who rob banks as
part of their acts. If we’re being honest, the magic they’re using does look like it would be
more at home in Hogwarts, but we’ll allow them some artistic license. And it has Morgan
Freeman in it and he’s awesome.



4) Peeples

Released: 10th May 2013 (US release – there’s no UK date yet)
Starring: Kerry Washington
Craig Robinson
David Alan Grier
Here’s a little comedy to mix in with all this drama. It’s a pretty obvious storyline. A guy
wants to marry a girl but has to get the permission of her scary father first. It’s probably
quite obvious how it’s going to end too, but the bits in between look pretty funny.

Favourite part of this trailer is definitely when he puts on the headdress and does some sexy
dancing.It kind of reminds me of King Julien XIII from Madagascar.

Epic5) Epic

Released: 22nd May (UK release)
Starring: Amanda Seyfried
Beyoncé Knowles
Josh Hutcherson
Okay this looks quite good – I mean, the slug is my new favourite thing in this world, but let’s
be honest, I kinda only want to see it because I want to listen to Josh Hutcherson’s voice for
a few hours. I don’t even need his face to be able to be slightly in love with him. Oh, and
Beyoncé’s in it too, and that can only make a thing better right?


6) The Kings of Summer

Released: 31st May 2013 (US release – there’s no UK date yet)
Starring: Nick Offerman
Moises Arias
Nick Robinson

Three guys run away from their parents and live in the woods instead. Kind of like when I
was little and would run away to the bottom of the drive until the Tweenies came on. It does
look kinda funny though and there’s even some bare chestedness which I wouldn’t say no
to. Favourite trailer bit:

“Did you wear the blue shirt today, not the one with the pocket?”
“Woooh, rope in the attitude mister, this is your mother you’re speaking too. Who’s he
putting on a show for?”
“Oh girl check, girl check. Checking for a girl in a bikini.”

Any other suggestions for me to add to my worryingly large list?



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