Made in Chelsea Catch Up Time!

Season 5, Episode 4

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Awkward silence count: IIIIIIIIIIII

This weeks start of episode quote was “He is being a tit” from Binky’s mum. And that can only mean this is going to be a good one. I mean it’s got Binky’s mum in it.

Spencer and Jamie start event off in bed together, then have an argument about who’s worse while sleeping. Apparently, Spencer snores and Jamie like to tuck himself into a little ball.

Louise and Co. do some Pilates which just seems to involve pushing against a pole. Lou tells everyone that Spencer has vetoed Andy from Louise. So Landy will happen in the near future then?


Seems like everyone’s taking a trip to the gym this episode, which is probably a good thing considering all the drinking they do. This time it’s Stevie and Andy working out *having a conversation by some gym equipment*. Stevie puts the whole ‘did Spencer sleep with another girl in Louise’s bed’ situation straight by admitting he was there, he saw it, and Spenny told him about it the day after. Why didn’t he say something before?!

Jamie has his own drama going on, as he’s still trying to work out if he kissed Lucy on the skiing holiday and/or if he’s been flirting with her recently. I think he denies it? He does stutter a lot. He also compares having Lucy saying they kissed with being an innocent man in jail, which I’m sure feel exactly the same.

Tired of being in Chelsea for so long, a nice group of everyone with stuff going on in this episode go on a country walk, which seems to involve less walking, and more drinking in the pub.

Meanwhile in a different woods, Cheska and Ashley go horse-riding and have a chat about Ollie on a convenient  bench. Turns out we’re getting ANOTHER new character (anyone else struggling to remember names?). Cheska does like him – now there’s a surprise.


Back in the country *pub*, Andy and Fran set up a date amongst a lot of giggles. Everyone prepare to cringe.

Lucy and Jamie have a chat, which turns more into a shouting match, but excitingly, Lucy tells Jamie not to interrupt her, which is one of his more annoying habits. Jamie can’t seem to deny that he kissed her anymore, but then seems to take a leaf out of Spencer’s book and gets really mean, telling Lucy that he hates her.  He eventually runs away, repeating ‘I love Tara’ a lot.


Ashley, Ollie, Oscar, Richard and Cheska have a dinner date together and it is awkward times. Ashley gets annoyed when she finds out Oscar and Ollie regularly have cheese in bed together, which I must admit, is a little weird.

Continuing on the list of awkward firsts, Andy and Fran have a first kiss that mainly involves looking at each other and smirking.


Back at Ollie’s dinner, it turns out that basically everyone hates each other, especially Cheska and Richard, and it all descends into lots of shouting. Cheska says “why did you bring this up?”  a fair few times. For some drama shizz m’dear.

Apparently the MIC producers decided that their hadn’t been enough awkward conversations this week so brought out a five-star one between Stevie, Andy and Spencer, where Stevie tells Spencer he knows he did the dirty with another girl. Surprisingly, Spencer doesn’t have his usual reaction of getting angry and saying ‘fucking’ a lot. He just looks kind of sad and disappointed with himself, which is probably all acting.

A new club opens so of course the whole cast turns out to argue with each other. Louise interrupts Lucy and Spencer’s chat, by greeting Spencer with a kiss on the cheek, then walking off. What?! I thought she hated him?


Leaving us some time to work out what that was all about, Ashley finds out that Oscar has stayed in Ollie’s bed while they’ve been a couple. Is that more or less weird than the cheese thing? Ashley and Ollie shout lots of things over the top of each other, that mainly seems to be ‘I don’t want to see you’; ‘I want to see you’; ‘let’s spend more time together’; ‘I think we spend too much time together’. After a very confusing argument, Ashley storms off shouting that she doesn’t want to see him anymore.

Jamie tells Tara about Lucy off-screen, then she turns up at his house again – does that mean that she basically followed him home? Anyway, Tara tells his face, using her ‘stern’ voice. Jamie stutters a lot, there’s a lot of ‘I’m-very-disappointed-in-you/myself’ faces but I think they’re still together?


Back to the main drama and Spencer tells Louise the truth – yes he did sleep with somebody else in her bed. Louise looks as though she’s about to cry and ruin the strong woman thing she’s got going on lately, but then she pulls herself together and gets pretty angry.

Rosie looks incredibly uncomfortable.

Creating next week’s cliffhanger, Spencer then claims that Louise has slept with him 10 times since they broke up. Woohhh, this is getting complicated. Now it’s Louise’s turn to deny everything. She even swears on the lives of everyone she loves that it’s not true. Bet it is.

So Lou STILL didn’t cry, Francis was sadly missing and Spencer, Louise, Jamie and Ollie all have very similar storylines.

Episode 1
Episode 2
Episode 3


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