Spring Cleaning Stories

For some reason, the only times I have a really productive day is when I’m in the house alone. As soon as someone comes back, I immediately revert back to the lazy procrastinater that I usually am.

But today is a productive day – sort of. Okay, I didn’t get up until 11, then spent an hour eating breakfast (though that was mainly reading my book in my beautifully warm conservatory) but that was only because my dad was still in. As soon as he left to catch his train, I was like ‘Right, time to get dressed.’

I then spent a few hours doing a deep spring clean of my bedroom. I’m talking taking everything out and making more mess in order to tidy. It’s actually strangely nice isn’t it? Having the radio on, windows thrown open and dust flying everywhere … until you have to de-hair your vacuum cleaner. That’s just disgusting.

But during my deep cleanse, I dusted my bracelet tree, and having no where else to put them while I did it, I threw them all on my arm, and discovered I actually have too many to physically get them all on. It also got me thinking about the stories behind them all, so I thought I’d share my favourites: DSCN1661

This is probably the one I wear the most. My brother brought it for me from America but I think he said it’s from the Philippines. He made it very clear that he got it for free, but still, it’s the thought that counts?


This was given to me at my baptism by my great-aunt and uncle. It says “For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him, shall not perish but have eternal life.” which is one of the Bible’s more famous verses. I love this one because it reminds me of the commitment I’ve made and the reasons for sticking with it.


This one hardly even fits onto my wrist anymore, but I bought it years ago on a holiday in Jersey. We visited a cottage and gardens that were made entirely out of shells and this is from its little shop. This bracelet has lots of happy memories from that holiday, like trying to hide my brother’s dirty underwear from the cleaner, our really hot waiter, and being shouted at by an old guy for not playing Monopoly the ‘correct’ way.


These are both bracelets I bought from the charity Soul Action, which supports children who have been sold into slavery. These were both made by children that have been taken out of slavery by Soul Action, and have been taught these skills in order to start their own businesses.


This one’s a sort of friendship bracelet I guess. Me and my best friend in high school were going to different colleges, so when we were on holiday together in Turkey that summer, we bought matching bracelets and made a vow to meet up at least once every month or we get to throw hot coffee in each other’s faces. We’re still keeping up with it, and I’m so glad we are because so many other friends have lost touch.


My parent’s bought me this one back from their holiday in Israel. I think it’s from a market stall in Jerusalem, and as my dad said ‘You never know, Jesus could have touched the tree those beads are made from’.


Finally, this was a birthday present from another friend, Katie. Having to drop out of college has definitely shown me who my true friends are and I’m glad she’s on the list. She’s also going to be joining me on this blog soon, so look out for some of her posts.

 I hope this wasn’t too dull a post, but it’s strange when you look at an object and realise there’s a whole story behind it.

Well, I’m off to clean the bathroom, dust the windowsills, do the ironing, bake shortbread and prepare the dinner before anyone comes home and ruins everything!



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