Bank Holiday Happenings

It’s Mayday today in England, and just so happens to have been the first actually hot day of the year! There were legs and arms out everywhere along with several people walking round looking desperately regretful of wearing woolly tights today.

I spent the day out with my parents, aunties, uncles and cousin. Being the sad people we are we went to a National Trust property. Wow, you guys must think I’m so uncool, stepping foot in Claire’s and visiting old houses! Anyway, I secretly enjoy going round these places – I’m one of the annoying people who like to talk to the people on duty in the rooms …

The place we visited was called Snowshill Manor , which was the home of Charles Wade, who was pretty obsessed with collecting things …


Here’s one of my aunties showing you the amazingness of the house, though arm gestures





I’m usually quite a city girl, but when you can see the beauty of the British countryside, I start to think I could maybe cope with a few fields.




Charles Wade didn’t actually live in his manor. He lived in a little cottage right next to it. (Apologies for the dodgy photography here. The rooms were extremely dark and flash wasn’t allowed, so I had to make do with my night setting)



That was because he was a collector, and the entire manor is full of everything he collected. Considering he started collecting at 7, you can imagine the amount of stuff in there.




This is a pretty terrible photo, but I had to include it because it’s so beautiful! It’s a craft called quilling, and it was done by a convent of nuns hundreds of years ago. You can’t see the amount of detail in from this, but the designs are minuscule.



One of the rooms was entirely filled with bikes. How is it even possible to get on something like that?!


One of Wade’s favourite things to do was build model villages, and there are at least a hundred little houses around the manor.


This room was filled with samurai items and was kind of terrifying with the lighting and dramatic lighting. I didn’t stay long – I’m a wimp.


If you’re just as sad as me, and you love going to National Trusts, I definitely recommend this one – not really a place for pushchairs or wheelchairs though.




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