Made in Chelsea Catch Up Time!

Series 5, Episode 5

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This week’s Made in Chelsea made me laugh within 15 seconds of it starting. That being because Rosie’s in rollers. She’s gone to a hairdressers purely to have three rollers put in, but leaves with hair as flat as a piece of roadkill – as usual.


Jamie has a Peter Pan tattoo. Nuff said on that. He discusses with Spencer the did-Louise-and-Spencer-shag situation. Spencer says they did. Louise says they didn’t. Oooh drama.

Spencer’s also been texting Lucy, which causes Jamie to stutter a bit. Thankfully, he does a little recap for us of the reasons he hates her. Good thing too, I’d forgotten she’d turned him down for Andy.

Lucy and Andy have lunch together in the same restaurant in which they broke up. In fact, if I remember right, it’s actually the same table. They even sit on the same sides?! Looks like someone is trying to up the awkwardness. Because who ever thought having lunch with your ex could be awkward?


Mark Francis on the other hand, is flower arranging, something only a man like him can make funny. I seriously wish he’s exactly like that in real life.
*Imagine these words in an insanely posh voice*
“There’s nothing more depressing than going to a dinner party where there are no flowers. Doesn’t it just kill you? I’d want to leave there and then.”

Spencer and Josh turn up at the same club as Lucy and Binky. Strange how these things keep happening. Also that the club is so quiet that they can easily talk to each other across a table.

Francis asks Andy about Louise in front of his sort of girlfriend Fran. Awkward. Apparently he’s not even thinking about it – we can all guess where this is going …

Spencer and Lucy have a conversation in the club in which ‘attracted’ is said way too many times. After much giggling and “I’m quite attracted to you”s, he asks her out.

Even after last week’s drama, Ollie and Ashley are still together, but Ollie is once again, indecisive if he likes her or not. Deja vu anyone?

In other news, Louise is wearing a polar bear. Or more like, being suffocated by it. Come on Lou, you’re not in the Arctic. Binky tells Louise Spencer asked Lucy on a date and she doesn’t take it well. She cries. Oh Louise, you were doing so well.


Back in Proudlock’s studio, we get some more insight into what his actual job is. This time he appears to be drawing a shoe? And the room is filled with lots of girls sitting at desks. Any ideas anyone? Spencer turns up to continue insisting he’s been sleeping with Louise. Proudlock turns his sensible side on and tells him to get over it. I agree. That storyline is too close to Jamie’s to be exciting.


Binky and Louise mix it up with locations for conversations, by going from a restaurant to a bookshop – then stand by some books and continue their chat. Binky convinces Louise to ask out Andy, basically to piss off Spencer.

Everyone’s at the compulsory get-all-the-cast-members-together-at-the-end-of-the-episode-party, including a lot of scantily clad ladies – cue lots of dramatic looks.

Andy and Louise are left alone to have an awkward flirt, while Fran looks pretty miffed in the background.


Clever producers mix this up with little cuts to Spencer and Lucy’s date, in which they drink out of stupidly long glasses, and have a deep conversation about Spencer’s personality.

Back at the Naked Ladies party, I think Ashley and Ollie break up, but then again, I thought that last week too, so they could still be dating, with occasional drop-ins from a creepy looking Oscar.

Spencer finishes off the episode in true cliffhanger style as he turns the full-on charm to Lucy and produces two tickets to Paris. Yay! This is bound to make Louise cry!

So overall, this week Louise went back to being a wimp, Spencer dug out two different leather jackets and there was WAY to many boobs on show for my liking. One for the poor boyfriends, forced to watch maybe?



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