April Favourites

Right, seeing as this is my first official post without Hannah I will go with something similar to something she’s done before which is a few of my favourite things from April:



  •  Nivea Q10 Plus Firming Body Lotion – Okay I realise this may be for old ladies with loads of wrinkles but it is just so nice, I don’t even care! It smells lovely and is literally the softest cream I have ever bought. I actually keep telling people to feel my arms because they are that soft…a bit strange I know.
  • Nail Art Striping Tape – Majorly addicted to this stuff. It’s pretty low tack so unfortunately not the best for permanent designs, but brilliant for painting over and then taking off for perfect lines on nail art. I will post some of my designs that I have tried out with it at some point.
  • Wonderstruck by Taylor Swift – To be honest, I doubt Taylor Swift had a lot to with the actual smell or design of this perfume but it smells beautiful – very fruity and sweet. I must say, I am a huge Taylor Swift fangirl though so I probably would have bought it even if it smelt awful. Also, I love the actual bottle design as well with the charms on.


I must say I have been reading the same book for quite a while now between homework and revision but what I’ve read of it so far is brilliant and I’ve bought two new books as well:


  • Uglies by Scott Westerfeld – I must admit it is a children’s/young adult book which I did actually graduate from quite a while ago but it’s really good. It’s got quite a Hunger Gamesy vibe to it if you liked that?
  • The Fault in Our Stars by John Green – I asked for this for my birthday (which was over 6 months ago) and still haven’t got round to reading it, but from all of my friends that have read it, it sounds like I’ll be crying my eyes out.
  • An Abundance of Katherines by John Green – Honestly, I bought this because my name is Katherine, but also because it’s by the same author as The Fault in Our Stars so I assume its good.

Films: (To see any of the trailers, click the title of the film)


  • Safe Haven – I too am a huge Nicholas Sparks lover so any opportunity to watch one I take. I also got pretty excited that the main character was called Katie. It stuck to the general premise of a Nicholas Sparks story line but there were actually quite a lot of twists so definitely one of the better film adaptations!
  • The Host -This was a really good film, having seen the Twilight films I was pleasantly surprised (I mean, I do like them but they’re not amazing). Although it’s a long book they manage to squeeze it into a 2 hour film, which is pretty impressive too.


  • Get Lucky – Daft Punk
  • Diane Young – Vampire Weekend
  • Gentleman – PSY (I didn’t want to like it but it’s so catchy. If you’ve not watched the video, please become one of the 299,000,000 who have!)



  • The Hoarder Next Door – Another brilliant documentary from Channel 4. One of those ones you watch and makes you feel so much better about the tidiness of your own house.  The highlight for me being in Episode 2 with overly emotional ladybird hoarder’s boyfriend having a tantrum and crying in her incredibly cluttered bedroom for about half an hour.
  • Nashville – I’ve got to say, I’ve never ventured over to More 4 before, but I’m glad I did – I am absolutely obsessed with this program. It’s not so much about the country music as it is about all the drama.


  • My new discovery of Vanilla Coke – honestly don’t know how I’ve been missing out on this!


  • My Easter Holiday – a lovely break from the revision but a little cold I will admit!

Goals in May:

  • To post some more things on this blog!




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