My Week in Photos #1

I wasn’t planning to start this series this week as I’m kind of on holiday, but today I am SO BORED that I thought I might as well. I have nothing better to do …



On Monday I visited Snowshill Manor with my family, and after walking around the town a bit, we found this window that desperately wanted to be a unicorn. If anyone knows what the hell this pipe is doing, please do let me know … (you can read my post about Snowshill here)



Tuesday was a day mainly spent at work, but when I got home I edited all my posts for the next week for Katie to post for me while I was away. I had a few ‘technical’ problems taking photos for my nail tutorial because my camera kept falling over seconds before it took the picture …


Wednesday was mainly spent travelling. We were travelling to a part of Wales that is probably the furthest point away from Birmingham, and it took us 5 hours. 5 hours of grey, rainy sky, ending with some lovely fog. It was at this point we realised we probably hadn’t packed very appropriately, and we were going to be very cold …



On Thursday, something very exciting happened … I lost my Cluedo virginity! I don’t even know how I’ve managed to go so many years and never played it, but I have now! It was that Colonel Mustard with his axe. I didn’t win.



Friday looked sunny, so we went along the coastal path. It was beautiful but incredibly windy. And of course, in true British style, it started pouring as soon as we got to the furthest point away from our car which was lovely. But this is the beach we sat on while we had lunch, and my dad and my very attractive walking boots …




We visited a very disappointing castle on Saturday, but more on that sometime later in the week. Here’s my mama and I ‘casually posing’ on a wall …




Sunday has been a day of sitting around really. There’s gale force winds outside, it keeps chucking it down with rain, and a lovely fog has now descended. This resulted in us huddling up on the sofa for most of the day, though being the little mountain goat that I am (my parent’s new nickname for me) I did make them go on a walk with me in the evening. It was cold and windy. But I digress. The highlight of Sunday was starting my new book. There’s something really exciting, starting a new book, especially one as hefty as this. 26 pages down, 730 to go …





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