Instagram Favourites

If like me you are an avid user of Instagram, then you will know about the Weekend Hashtag Projects or #WHP. I try to take a least one photo for it every week and would like to share some of my own favourites from that and other general favourites with you (sorry if that’s a bit big-headed):


Starting from the top left:

The photo I took of my slippers was for the WHP #WHPfromwhereistand. I know, it seems like a strange thing to take a picture of but I do love my slippers…

I must say, this one is one of my absolute favourites. It was so simple to do as well, but looked really effective.  I’m not going to lie to you and say I did all by myself, I found an app called HeartBooth (maybe?) and it gives you loads of different shapes you can make with little photos.

The top right and bottom left were another 2 did for a WHP which was #WHPdearphotograph. Now this one I must say was absolutely brilliant – but surprisingly difficult! It takes inspiration from an account called @dearphotograph which posts pictures of old photos against their original setting. They look really good if done properly, but I must have spent over half an hour on each photo to get them lined up exactly!

The last photo I took just by luck really. I was sitting in the car when we were on holiday in the Lake District and my dad had got out to take photos of the lakes while my mum and I stayed in the car because it was freezing; I just wanted to see the view and, being lazy, I took a photo in the wing mirror of it and it turned out really well!

Instagram Accounts I love: 

(If you want to check them out, I’ll link to their account, just click on the name)

  • @dearleila – This is a photography account from a woman from Hawaii living in London, a very popular account but well worth a look!
  • @pixiepolish – Definitely one to check out if you like nail art! She also has a YouTube channel that gives you a tutorial on how to create the designs yourself.
  • @do_or_diy – Again, a very popular account with over 475,000 followers but I am addicted to it! It’s a DIY account that reposts pictures of fun and useful things to try out yourself, some of them are absolutely brilliant.

My Instagram account:

I will put my Instagram here if you want to take a look at the pictures above properly or just have a browse. Just click on the picture below…

Instagram logo



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