Our Attempt At Taking Photos Together…

If you knew Hannah and I well, or even if you didn’t to be honest, you would know that as soon  as we’re together, we just start to laugh hysterically every time we look at each other. This was exactly the case on Friday when we attempted to take photos together for this lovely blog so that you lucky people get to put a face to my name (extreme sarcasm there).

Could you please show us some of the hilarious photos that you took? Well, if you insist here are 10 of the best (though we did end up taking 105)!  Also, please realise, I’m that person that pulls the stupid faces whilst other people keep smiling and looking pretty so I do look awful in the majority of these pictures…


As you can see, the laughing has already begun…



This is one of those times I pulled a face and the other person didn’t…



Hannah rewrote her name 6 times to get it perfect


Not even sure why?


This was before I realised that whichever I held my sign, the arrows would always be pointed upwards….oops


I found a lion in my room. It is called Clarence. Bit posh I know. But look at him, he is fabulous!



We will probably have to try to take some more photos soon because barely any of them, as you can see, are even usable!



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