My Week in Photos #3

Welcome to our 100th post on this blog! Yay!

If I had known this sometime earlier than today, I probably would have though of something exciting and different to do. But I didn’t. So ……….




Because there’s nothing better than having a whole new pile of books to read. Not that I’m doing too well. I’m still on page 4 of the first.




My mother has told me time and time again to put some kitchen roll down when I paint my nails, but do I listen? Of course not. What sort of teenager would I be if I obeyed her? I’m always right and I definitely wanted a nail varnish stain on my leggings.




On Wednesday I attempted some exciting hairdo-ness, and I kind of liked it until I started to take pictures for you guys … I can’t be the only one who thinks something looks really nice, then as soon as a camera is turned on it, it becomes really horrible. Well there’s only one thing to do in those sort of situations, and that’s make yourself a hair moustache.




Full moons are just pretty aren’t they. Tell you what else is pretty. The abilities of my zoom.




I think Katie’s post yesterday would give you a better example of what … this … is.




On Saturday I actually went to visit my grandparents on a camping holiday they’re on. But I didn’t take any pictures of lots of old people in deck chairs. Instead I took a picture of an orange next to the sky. Mainly because I wanted to show just how blue the sky was to celebrate the fact it’s actually warm in England today, but partly because I was about to eat and orange.



It’s my mama’s birthday today! I won’t tell you how old, but I’ll just tell you she has a 26-year-old son and let you guesstimate. Anyway, I got up at 7:50 (!) to create this wonderful little breakfast area for her. Okay it was almost 8, and it was only an hour before I had to get up for church anyway, but there was still a 7 on the clock and I haven’t gotten up at that time for ages! Happy Birthday Mum!




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