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Series 5, Episode 8

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Firstly on an unrelated note, we’d like to apologise for the missing post yesterday. It’s all my (Hannah) fault because I got too into wedding planning and completely forgot.

In other news, Made in Chelsea got a Bafta. An actual award for glaring and being awkward. Congrats MIC.

Also. sorry for no images this week, 4oD broke on me.

Awkward Silence Count: IIIIIIIIIIIIII

It doesn’t bode well if the start of episode quote is ‘see you around Spenny’, but that’s what we were given this week.

Louise is adding another emotion to her CV. She can now do angry as well as annoyed and upset. She seems to be angry with everyone nowadays, even poor little Andy when he asks her why she keeps crying every time she sees Spencer. But how can you be angry with someone who has a face like that?

Spencer calls Andy from his car in a terrifying sort of way that kind of makes him look like he’s about to do a hit and run. Fortunately he only organises (well tells Andy he’ll organise it – they never actually get round to saying dates, times or places in these things do they?) a drink to ‘smooth things over’.

Louise and Andy paint a white wall more white. with rollers that don’t have any paint on it and talk about their bed.

Mark Francis and Victoria walk in on Spencer and Jamie in their underwear in a suit shop and talk about chest hair while Spencer and Victoria get a little flirty. Spencer doesn’t seem too into it afterwards though …

Rosie lets herself into Louise’s apartment – why do they always leave their doors open? They’re all proper rich and probably should have better security.

For those of you who are still on the quest for the discovery of Proudlock’s job – we have a mention of t-shirts. Not sure how that fits in with all the other clues we’ve had.

So Lucy and Stevie are moving in together. Not as a couple, but Spencer thinks that Stevie has a thing for Lucy and he seems to confirm that with some shameless flirting about having to sleep in her bed the first night. Lucy doesn’t seem that into it though and cues an awkward silence with even more awkward hair flipping.

Instead of hanging out with Stevie, Lucy chats up a guy at a bar and invites him to her house party. He looks like he’s reading his lines off his hand. He says he’ll drop in, and that’s the end of the conversation. He walks off and Lucy looks surprised that she didn’t get a one-night stand out of it.

This weeks end of episode party is a housewarming at a bar. Something to do with Lucy’s dad buying the bar, but it’s probably because they couldn’t fit the whole cast plus extras into Stevie and Lucy’s new flat.

Lucy and Louise agree to have no drama and actually manage a small smile at one another. But where will we get our end of episode drama from then?

Lucy talks to Spencer and tells him once again that it’s all or nothing. Spencer does his best pained expression/puppy dog eyes. But then cue Alex, the pretty hot guy Lucy met in the bar. Spencer gets a taste of his own medicine and doesn’t really seem to enjoy it. Instead he walks off looking like a teenager that’s just been turned down by the hottest girl in school.

Oh what’s that noise? Yep, it’s the sound of the end of episode drama train pulling into the station. Turns out Alex is one of Phoebe’s many ex’s. Funny how he’s dated the one person that Lucy hates the most. Phoebe and Lucy have a nice little bitch off with Olivia joining in for a couple of hits at the end. Once again I strangely find myself on Lucy’s side, mainly because I really don’t like Phoebe.

Poor little Spenny runs straight to Jamie’s arms, and confesses he has feelings for Lucy. He then does the typical Chelsea thing of saying that he needs to ‘get away from Chelsea’ for a while to sort it out. How very upper-class. As in the classic words of Jay-Z “If you’re having girl problems … go on holiday.”

But ending the episode on a cute but slightly cheesy note, Andy tells Louise he’s in love with her while looking extremely sexy in a well fit blazer. Aww.

So Louise needs therapy, Andy’s hot and Phoebe is a piece of male genitalia



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