Have less. Do more. Be more.

*WARNING: This could get deep*

So I was browsing Pinterest today. Who doesn’t? It’s like Tumblr but with less anorexia. Anyway I came across this little image. To be honest, I looked at it because it was a pretty picture. I love the sea as much as the next person, especially if it’s looking hot and colourful.

It’s pretty simple isn’t it? Have less. Do more. Be more. But unfortunately for me I’m a bit of a thinker. And I’ve thought about it and realised that not only is it true, but it’s also kinda hard.

Have less. I’m not going to lie, I’m pretty well off. I’ve never had a situation where I can’t have something because of a lack of money (just a mother who probably knows best). I live in a big house in a nice area, and went to a nice school with nice facilities. I also have a lot of stuff, mainly stuff that I have absolutely no need for. But I probably live less than a mile away from someone who has none of those things. And here I am sitting with an excess of things that I don’t even use. Surely, if I went through all my things and sorted out the excess from the necessities, I could not only have a lot more space in my house, but have helped someone who really does ‘have less’. Now the person who wrote this quote may have just meant, ‘live a simpler life’ but to me, having less would mean to give others more.

Do more. I have no excuses for this one. I deferred my first year in sixth form back in December (for medical reasons, I’m not pregnant thank you) and since then I’ve done …. well nothing much. Started a blog? So I have the ability to do basically anything I want for the next 3 months before I go back to college. And I should really do something about that. Okay, so I live in a pretty dull area, but 20 minutes on the train and I’m in the center of the second biggest city in England.  So no excuses, and look out for the exciting plans for those 3 months post soon … ish.

Be more. So combined with having less and doing more, my life would be a lot more exciting and happy and generally of more use to me than sitting around looking at Pinterest ….




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