A Small Saturday

Firstly, I would like to express just how much I hate dance exams. If you’ve ever done a dance exam you will understand what I mean when I say just how ridiculous they are. For months you are taught these dances so that you know them off by heart until you walk into the room with the examiner and you forget everything you have ever learnt. This goes for any and all exams if I’m honest, but especially when you are confronted with a woman behind a desk patronisingly asking you “Oh you haven’t been taught that?” and then rolling her eyes and writing on that dreaded exam sheet…but if you have never done a dance exam, well, lucky you. By the way, I had 3 dance exams today, because otherwise this won’t make sense if you didn’t know that.

However, during these tragic times of long-awaited exams that fail miserably the best thing to do is look at the little things in life. Like pigeons. Especially pigeons that you have lovingly named Percy and that seem to live in your back garden. For example:


This is said pigeon. He’s been sitting on the top of our bench every day for about a month now and we’ve actually started to train him. If we put food out for him, he will fly over to it while we are still there. I’m thinking of adopting this bird. It is adorable.

Another one of these small things is sitting down and watching a good old rom-com. I am a massive fan of Audrey Hepburn so decided to watch Breakfast at Tiffany’s with my best friend. I think one thing that will always cheer me up is spending time with a friend with a beautifully predictable film such as this. 

Next time something has happened that’s getting you down just look for your Percy, because no matter what, there is always some kind of silver (or pigeon shaped) lining.



Prom Beauty Ideas

This week my best friend,who is in the year below me, asked if I would help her and her friends out for their prom. Of course I jumped at the chance to paint nails, do makeup and hair. Obviously everyone has different ideas of what sort of things they want to wear and how they want to style themselves for prom, but I thought I’d share with you some of the designs I did for them (and some extra photos for the hell of it…)


Please excuse the weird plastic finger that I practice nail designs on…

But this is the design I came up with to go with my friend’s dress which as you can see matches the pattern on the waist.DSC_0428

To make the triangles even I used the low tack nail design tape I was talking about in another post back in May. But you can easily use sellotape to section off these parts. You can then use either a nail art pen or hair grips dipped in nail varnish for the dots. Make sure if you are using sellotape that you make it a little less sticky first because otherwise it make peel off the polish already on your nails.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

One of her friends also had a blue dress but with diamante on so instead I painted some plain artificial nails with blue nail varnish and glittery tips:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

In order to get a solid colour I had to paint 3 coats of the blue, but seeing as they were fake nails they can be left to dry for as long as needed without having to do everything with that weird hand position you have to use when you’ve just painted your nails. I then let them dry for an hour or so and carefully, in one stroke, did the tips. Although this sounds difficult, you get a much cleaner line and better shape if you do it all in one go.

If you don’t have anything like a plastic finger with them blu-taked on to paint the nails on, you can use any curved surface the right width to stick them onto. In the past I’ve either persuaded my mum to blu-tak them onto one of her fingers or stuck them onto a pencil which is secured to the table.

I would go into details about the hair and makeup but I have no pictures to go along with it so it might not make as much sense…

It was a really good night though but did make me a bit jealous that they got to go off to prom and I didn’t.



The 101 Challenge

So as promised in our Sunday post, here’s the big challenge we’ve set ourselves over the next few months. I say big because it is … big. 101 things that we need to do. It’s basically a bucket list of all the interesting things I found to do on the internet. Obviously, I haven’t included some of the more … urm … questionable things … like fuck a duck.

We’ve created a whole page for this, so you can keep track of our progress and/or read the full list, but every time we complete something, we’ll post it on the main page, then link back to it on the 101 page. That make sense?

If you’d like to attempt the 101 challenge yourself, please follow these guidelines:

1) We’d appreciate it if you credit us in your post and link back to our 101 page. It’s just politeness. Especially as we spent hours making up the list and got stuck at 85 for a week.

2) Try to do the challenges to the best of your ability. For example, #36: Adopt an accent for an entire day, just doing it for 10 ten minutes doesn’t count.

3) Don’t count things that other people have done, only if you and anyone else that writes on your blog has done it, is it complete

4) Add your page to the contact form below so we can have a look at yours!


Made in Chelsea Catch Up Time!

Series 5, Episode 12

Episode 1
Episode 2
Episode 3
Episode 4
Episode 5
Episode 6
Episode 7
Episode 8
Episode 9
Episode 10
Episode 11

Its end of season pardy time! Although I’m usually not a fan of this episode, but they’ve changed the format so it’s an award show – much less room for awkwardness (the bad kind at least).

It’s a strong start with some terrible acting by Jamie and half of the male cast in tight-fitting superhero outfits…if only I was kidding.


Then we switch back to the studio with some shots of a very bored looking Millie and an appearance from Binky’s Mum – we must be in for a treat.



Spencer is the first to take to the sofa and admits he’s cheated on Lucy. Literally nobody saw this coming, it’s just as rare as Louise crying…


The awkwardness is almost unbearable with Lucy looking like she’s about to cry and having to sit next to Spencer. But being Lucy she then switches quickly back to smug looks and pouts but getting lots of cheers because, unlike Louise she is at least sticking up for herself.

Then its on to the first award (which are called The Spoons?) for ‘Most Accurate Description of Spencer Matthews’ with Jamie winning for when he likened Spenny to a pig on the weird petting zoo date thing with Phoebe. Francis is up next with a video of his ‘Trip to Ghana’ including weird close-ups of his crotch in a tent…Honestly. But looking adorable.

Onto the next Spoon and its for ‘Excellence in Discussing Sex’ – going to be a good one I feel. It goes to Binky’s Mum and then Binky reveals she gave her advice on how to give a good blowjob…Wow.

The 3rd Spoon is for ‘Outstanding Achievement in Stating the Obvious’ going to Spencer for making mistakes.

Then its sofa time again with Andy and an incredible shiny looking Louise. As expected, Andy has forgiven Louise. What a plot twist eh? Lucy says she doesn’t think Louise is telling the truth – I doubt even Andy thought she was to be honest especially after all the weird fingernail eating.



Spoon time again with this one being ‘Scene Stealing by An Inanimate Object’ going to Francis’ sandwich. You know the one.

A talk with Phoebe and Jamie now about their hot tub antics over the phone because Jamie has the Mumps. Jamie being himself digs an even bigger hole by practically outright saying he doesn’t want to be with Tara but does want to be with Phoebe. Oops.

The final Spoon is for ‘Insult of The Series’ which goes to both Spencer and Andy for insulting each other. Lovely and awkward well done Made In Chelsea producers.

Now for the little bit afterwards which may have been one of the most disturbing things I have ever seen. To sum it up all I can just about manage is – Spencer, Proudlock, Francis, Gay Porno. Enough said.


Thinking it had finished by this point my mum tried to open the door to come in. Very bad idea. She was quickly shooed.

Now its all over for, well lets face it, a couple of months?  What will I do with my Monday nights now?!



DIY Spotty Nails

If like me you like to experiment with different nails designs, you’ve most likely attempted to do spotty nails before. Maybe if you’ve had the same amount of luck as me you’ll have turned out with randomly positioned blobs that have run or spread into each other that you just want to take off straight away because they look a total mess. Am I right?

Well, recently I found a very simple but amazingly effective solution to your nail varnish blobbing issues…

HAIR GRIPS (or bobby pins if you’re all American and that). 

I’m obviously not the first person to have realised this, and you may be reading thinking how stupid I am for just discovering it, but they work so well. Even though I’ve got nail art pens, which honestly I am so addicted to, hair grips are such a better way for getting accurate and precise circles on nail designs.

All you need to do is to dab a small amount of your chosen nail varnish, after applying your base colour, onto a tile or piece of plastic such as a lid (preferably not to any items currently in your fridge, I don’t want to get told off by any angry parents) and dip either the smaller or large circular end into it and apply immediately to your nail. I say immediately because otherwise it will dry and smudge across your nail, obviously not speaking from experience there… Then once they have thoroughly dried, apply a top coat to even out any imperfections and help the design to stay on longer.

You can then put loads of different colours on from your nail varnishes and not have to worry about buying new pens in that colour! Such a revelation I know.

I will have to make this short and sweet (mainly because I have no pictures of the nails I did using the hair grips) but I will be sure to post some more beauty pearls of wisdom for you…


My Week in Photos #7

News on next week: Katie will be taking the lead on posting so make sure you check out what she’ll be creating. Also, midweek we’ll be unveiling our big challenge for this blog, so keep an eye out for that.


DSCN2818To see my post on these nails, follow this link



After returning home after work, I spent all evening making three of these flower circles for my brother’s wedding. Three in like four hours. Only about 20 more to go … (p.s I did only put my feet in this picture for perspective, not for looks)



You know those fake hair plait hairbands everyone was really into a couple of months ago? I CAN DO THAT WITH MY OWN HAIR! And I feel like that is some sort of achievement. Also, I’ve never really looked at my hair in that much detail before – there’s so many colours!



The recipe book for my friend’s bridal shower is finally complete, and ready to be wrapped for Sunday



Another pretty water shot from our longest-day-of-the-year-walk. Being English means that every sighting of the sun is excitingly special.



In more preparations for previously mentioned friend’s bridal shower, my mama made these cheesecakes for the occasion. She is the queen of cheesecake and even made a special one for our friend Sarah who’s celiac. That’s friendship for you!



Wehey! Wedding Shower time! Here’s the veil we made the bride wear – it’s from a toy bear and wasn’t a perfect fit but still.

Well those photo’s weren’t very exciting were they? I promise next week will be better as I have a week PACKED with stuff.


Longest Day of the Year

Yesterday – 21st June – was the longest day of the year. Not as in another hour magically materialised, though that would be pretty cool, but the most hours of sunlight. In order to celebrate this, or rather to actually do something instead of the ironing, my parents and I headed out for a nice little walk around some lakes.


We eventually started out after about 10 minutes of trying to find somewhere to park. We did think we’d found a place, until my mum saw two groups of ‘youths’ – complete with hats just balancing on the top of their heads and silly little girl bags round their necks – sitting in, what I expect, were their mum’s cars. My mum decided that she didn’t want to leave her car next to them in case they wanted something more interesting to do than just sit in the car and play loud music, and decided to hit it.


After buying my big slightly professional camera a couple of months ago, my mum has taken up a new hobby. Given that my camera has a pretty amazing zoom, she likes me to zoom in on things and take pictures, so she can basically spy from afar. This picture was taken because she saw some people on the other side of the lake and wanted to know what they were doing. They were standing on a bridge.




This photo was taken by my dad of my grumpy disgust when my mother told me I wasn’t allowed to climb on the tree on the left. Okay, it was rotten, and in the water but, hey, what’s life without risks!? What this picture doesn’t tell you is the fact that I pulled this face for a second, but then my dad shouted ‘hold it’, so I had to then hold the pose for at least a minute while he tried to work out how to turn my camera on. And then he took it wonky because it’s ‘artistic’.



I would have taken more photos, but the majority was film. I then spent what felt like a lifetime today attempting to edit it all together for you all, but unfortunately my patience finished before it did. Maybe you’ll see it at a later date, or maybe it will remain hidden in My Documents forever. You choose? Is that something you’d like to see, or do you prefer pictures? Maybe a combination of the both? Please let me know! And also, to prove that you’ve made it this far and actually read the bits in between. If you have, congratulations. Gold star for effort.



5 Lessons Learned Today

1) Maxi skirts are hard to walk fast in

Being late for work doesn’t mix with having to cut your strides in half because you didn’t factor in the circumference of the bottom of your skirt. I tell you, hitching your skirt halfway up your leg to pick up some speed is not an attractive look.

2) Old people have no boundaries

They will have no problem with asking you to come into their changing room and inspect their backside. And when you’ve established that those trousers aren’t too tight, they won’t be waiting for you to leave before they take them off.

3) 22°C is still the perfect weather for a woolly hat

And also perfect for teaming with a hoodie, coat, thick socks … and a scarf

4) Take your time in Aldi? Hell no.

That is purely a place for speed packing. Even if you’re a poor old man, struggling to move your items off the till, you’ll still have people screaming at you, because Aldi is no place for politeness. Fancy ramming your trolley into the person blocking the aisle? That’s cool. And if you ever need an adult bib, head to the center aisle. They’re bound to have one.

5) Don’t lie about having watched 90210

Okay, I was under-prepared. I didn’t take the time to find out when the last series was starting, so I missed the first episode. And for some reason, when my friend asked me ‘Oh, have you watched 90210 yet?’, instead of answering ‘Oh is that on already? I missed it.’ I decided a better answer would be ‘Of course I have, it was great wasn’t it?’. So, so many spoilers.

What have you learned today?



Mundane Midweek

The Story of a Slightly Above Average Wednesday

Do you ever have those sort of dreams where you’re doing something in a dream that feels like you’re doing it in real life?

Wednesday morning I had one of those extremely weird moments where I heard my phone receive a text, picked it up and then discovered that I couldn’t actually read it because … well, I hadn’t actually picked it up at all.

I had a meeting at an Eating Disorders Clinic in the morning. I don’t have an eating disorder – just linked to some anxiety issues that I have.  After my mum and I spent 15 minutes in the waiting room attempting to murder a fly that was a little too attracted to my legs, I walked into the meeting room to the nurse shouting “shut up”, which threw me a bit. Fortunately, when I asked her to repeat herself, it turned out she’d said ‘I’m going to call you sweetheart and love a lot. If that’s annoying, just tell me to shut up.’

Eitherway, after an hour. I left the meeting, having negotiated my way into an NHS treatment that wanted me to wait another three months (bearing in mind I’ve already been waiting 5 months). The sweet skills of charm eh?

Seen as the clinic was only a 10 minute drive from a shopping center, my mother and I were obliged to go and have a look around. We headed for a cafe for lunch and discovered that the whole place had been taken over by the elderly. We were even served by an old man, who spent ages asking me if we were shopping for my ‘graduation ball’, while my mum attempted to order a cup of tea from him. He finally handed the change over with the concerned words of “you don’t look old enough to have left school. Maybe you should go back until you do.”

Exercised my awesome hiding skills when a girl that I actually did go to school with and definitely didn’t want to have a conversation with randomly popped up next to me. You’ve never seen a girl dive into the dress section that quickly.

Late afternoon, I headed over to help an older friend of mine with the creation of a recipe book for another friend’s hen do. There is nothing more terrifying than watching an elderly lady scream profanities at a piece of card and throw things at the sofa. In her defense, the labels said everything was 8×8, the ruler said nothing was 8×8.

Came home to a very disappointing dinner of 1 small fishcake and salad. And purely because my mama didn’t want to feel guilty when she teaches a class on a balanced diet in the morning. But it’s alright, we’re having fish and chips tomorrow …



DIY Chevron Nails


Now if you excuse the over-the-lines painting shown here, I think these worked pretty well.

If, like me, you don’t want to go out and buy specialised strips, sellotape works just as well … if you’re not trying to do it ten minutes before you go out. I just used the same technique as I did in this little nail experiment.