Wait what? It’s June? WHAT?

I can’t be the only person who feels like it was only last week that we were celebrating the Olympics! Years used to go so, so slowly but now they just seem to be picking up speed!

So instead of the usual layout of the ‘Favourites’ post, I decided to just randomly sift through things I’ve enjoyed this month, because who needs order?

So Costa have invented the Peach Iced Lemonade. Does it not just look amazing? I haven’t actually tried it yet though, I don’t think I’d actually like it. I discovered I don’t really like peaches when I ordered a peach juice on holiday in Turkey and it made me feel really sick. And that is definitely the sort of feeling you don’t want to have when you’re way too hot in a foreign country and have to walk up a massive hill back to your apartment. (I made it okay though). So I’m content with just looking for now …

Speaking of just looking, is anyone else following Tom Daley’s instagram? If you excuse the constant photos of his cats (and don’t snigger at your imagined innuendo) you’ll be gifted with occasional photos of his beautiful … urm face. *cough*. I’m sorry, but even slightly blurry LOOK AT THAT CHEST!



Seamlessly linking here, to The Londoner’s latest blog posts. She’s been off on her (sort-of) holidays again and that always makes my day because she always does the best lifestyle posts and takes the most gorgeous photos that make me forget I’m actually sitting in dreary England. Check them out here.

In other blogging things, who’s doing the Sprinkle of Glitter 30-day-snap? Urm not us … awkward. But only because we already take a photo a day for you guys! That’s what our My Week in Photos posts are for! But we’re looking forward to sifting through everyone else’s photos! If you’re doing it, leave a link in the comments for us to go and look through.


Katie and I actually got together this month to attempt to take a photo together for this blog. It’s something we’ve been meaning to do for ages. Unfortunately, we messed around for so long that we didn’t actually manage to get a photo with us both looking alright, so we’ll have to try again. But it was nice to see each other again. There’s no one else that can make me cry with laughter in one look.

Continuing on the friends route, those of you that read this blog regularly (is there actually anyone who does that?) will know that I always try to meet up with my long-distance best friend once a month. The other day we realised that it was almost the end of May and still hadn’t done anything. So we managed to squeeze in on the last day of the month, narrowly missing a coffee in the face. She came to meet me after work and seen as it was a warm day (gasp!) we had a picnic in a nearby park. Here’s an interesting instagram of an orange against the sky. Yes another one.

And finally, the most important event of the month – my dear mama’s birthday. Yep, she turned *insert suspected number*-one and had a great time being treated to a trip to London … apart from the fact they went to the wrong station and missed their train. But anyway, Happy Birthday Mama!





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