My Week in Photos #4

Happy June people! Is that a thing? Let’s make it a thing.



Monday was family photo day. We gave my grandparents a picture-frame with a rubbishly drawn picture of the six of us, with the promise that it would soon be replaced with an actual photo. That was nearly two years ago. Mainly because my brother on the left hates having his photo taken and attempted his best to ruin every picture. We did manage to get a good one though.



One of my mum’s friends knitted her this tea-cosy for her birthday. Is that not one of the most adorable things you’ve ever seen? (Maybe, not. Google ‘otters holding hands’. Now that’s cute)



Just a pretty picture I guess? No idea what these flowers are, but they appear to be dead.



Shameless selfie …



We found this little bug dead in our conservatory. You wouldn’t expect it, but it was rock hard, which is both cool and absolutely disgusting.



On Saturday, my dad decided to mow the lawn, got halfway, and gave up. Okay, we have a pretty big lawn, but come on! Also, we went to see The Great Gatsby (fortunately no one I knew saw me sitting in the cinema with my dad) and if you’re indecisive about seeing it, definitely do! It’s so, so good. Though if you’re a little emotional, bring some tissues for the end …



Today after church, we all made our way over to the village green and held a free BBQ for the community. I spent all afternoon painting faces (why do children move their faces constantly?!), until someone got some cat whiskers on me. I then had to walk home with these on my face. Now I’m off to go and exercise my youth leader skills and attempt to get my youth group on a scavenger hunt. I say attempt, because last time we did it, someone came back with a dead fish they’d fished out of the canal …



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