Artist of the Month – June

Back in May, while on holiday in Wales, I came across at little photography shop that I then spent at least an hour looking through. Many people wouldn’t consider photography as an art but I reckon that the only ones who think that are the ones that have never studied it. So many aspects contribute to a good photograph and although it doesn’t take as long as a painted canvas, sometimes, the end effect can be just as beautiful.

But if you’re still on the fence about it, take a look at this month’s artist. When I found his photographs, I think I fell in love a little bit. I then spent another 10 minutes taking to the shop assistant about it, until I got an angry phone call from my parents who had been waiting for me in a restaurant for the past half an hour.

Edward Hill:

Now I can’t really get technical here. I’m more of a looker, than a very good do-er (*ahem*) when it comes to photography, so I’ll leave you to do your own research here, or just appreciate the beauty.



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