HOW TO: Get Through Prom

So for most of you, exams should now be coming to an end, which, usually, means that prom is coming around. Unless of course, you went to my high school, and weirdly had it back in May. Or like my friend’s school, who have cancelled prom because too many people got drunk.

But for those of you about to go through the spectacular that is your first prom, take some advice from a girls who’s been there and done that. Learn from my mistakes so that your prom can be a night you’ll actually want to remember! So here are 10 tips, interspersed with some lovelies of Katie and I, mainly messing around …

1) Choose an outfit and hair that you really like, and wear your shoes in

My least favourite colour is purple. My prom dress was purple. What? Loads of people always ask me, why did you buy it then? I dunno, really. It was the first dress I tried on and I bought it on impulse. Hair is also another point you actually need to think about, because it won’t work out well if you just fluke it on the day and don’t even practice it beforehand. Then shoes. There’s nothing worse than shoes that are so painful, you look like a penguin when you walk, so make sure to practice walking around the house in them.

2) Get ready with someone

Seriously, getting ready on your own is no fun. If you’re going with a group of friends, choose the biggest house and all squash in! Excitement levels will definitely be higher if you’re not just wondering around your bedroom on your own in a pretty dress.

This is my favourite picture of us both

This is my favourite picture of us both, just for Katie’s face

3) Take lots of pretty pictures before you leave

By pretty, I mean, in front of a nice background. At our prom, a group of mine and Katie’s friends met up at my house and we stood in the very attractive setting of my conservatory for some photos. Just a couple of windows and a snooker table on the side. Not the best. We did also get some pictures outside of my house, which are so, so much nicer, but just make sure you’ve got a few nice shots, because  from the moment you step into the dimly lit hotel/restaurant/hall you’re headed too, the pictures will continue to get progressively worse as the night goes on…

4) Judge the people you’re with

Now I don’t mean as in judge their looks and questionable suits, but this is to do with valuables. If you’re thinking of taking a camera and your phone and some cash, just be aware that there may be some people in your year that will take advantage of the fact that their probably never going to see you again …

5) Don’t get there late

On our invitation to prom, it said that arrivals could begin from 7:30. We took that to mean arrive sometime after then. Apparently not. We arrived to an empty foyer and everyone else already there. Check what time it actually starts.

I case you're wondering from number , Liza's the one on the left. Shame.

I case you’re wondering from number 7, Liza’s the one on the left. Shame.

6) Don’t get overexcited

A lot of films make prom out to be this magical fairy-tale where everyone does ballroom dances and snogs in the corner. It’s not. It’s just everyone you go to school with chatting in fancy clothes. If you do end up having a waltz, lucky you, but more likely that that guy that’s been asking you for a threesome for the past three years will take the chance to grind on you. I know from experience.

7) Don’t get drunk

Prom is no place to get drunk. You can have just as much fun completely sober and still be able to remember it the next morning. If you’re desperate to get off your face, do it at an after party, but just remember that if you’re sick in someone’s hallway, people will remember that for a long time. *ahem Liza*

8) Bring deodorant and plasters

These are pretty self explanatory, but when you’re dancing away 1) you’re going to get sweaty and 2) you’re going to take your shoes off. Now it’s not that that’s the problem. It’s the moment at the end of the night and you’re about to leave and you realise ‘oh shit, I have to put those back on’. It’s painful.

And as Katie so nicely phrased it on Facebook 'chillin' with the Bentley'

And as Katie so nicely phrased it on Facebook ‘chillin’ with the Bentley’

9) If you’re going to an after party, keep your pants on

It’s all about reputation my dear

10) Let your hair down!

Don’t be one of the people that just sits around the edge of the dance floor and watches everyone else have fun. This is probably one of the last times you’ll ever see a lot of people, so loose your inhibitions, dance with that guy you’ve had a crush on for the past 5 years and have fun!



2 thoughts on “HOW TO: Get Through Prom

  1. Oh mu days this post was so helpful! My prom is on the twentieth and im wearing converse with my dress:) these tips were epic thanks for the help I feel more at ease about the whole thing bow:)
    From Annie ToadRoad:)

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