Embarrassing Photos Anyone?


So today I was doing a clear out of my images folder and found some little gems, that I couldn’t just keep to myself. I mean, if you can’t laugh at them, it’s just sad:

The I ❤ Conifers


So this is me and my friend Kate (not Katie) back in year 7 days. We had science together in a little shed on the outskirts of the school and usually had to wait outside near this conifer tree. For some reason, we kind of got a little obsessed with it and started going round saying it was our husband. In other news, look how long my skirt is! That’s probably the lowest it actually got …

The Plastic Plant


Firstly, WOW I was an unattractive child. Secondly, I seem to have had a penchant for plants in those days as this was another nature obsession. This was back in my primary school, with my two best friends Liza (left) and Kate (right). In the year 6 toilets (we were so excited we got our own toilets – we thought we were well special. Until we realised it was just so year 3’s wouldn’t look through the sanitary bins) there was this plastic lavender plant that we thought would be absolutely hilarious to water every day. I went back last year and it was still in there. And yes, I watered it.

The Most Embarrassing


Oh my days. What was I doing with my life. This was on a school trip to Paris, and Kate and I were sharing a room. We spent at least an hour one night taking photos of ourselves in the mirror because we thought we were so cool to still be awake at midnight. I think we also wrote a song that night, about two boys we fancied. I’ll try to hunt that down because I’m sure it’s pure gold.

The I Don’t Really Know How To Title This – It’s Just Awful


Here’s Katie and I before we discovered the art of make-up.

The Shower Shot


Hanging out in the showers at a youth camp. I’m the one in the green jumper in case you’re wondering. Fun story, that was the night that I pretended to be 18 and had a terrifying chat with a guy who apparently wanted to ‘lay me like a brick’. That’s quite a line, but not when you’re 12.

And in 10 years time I’ll look about at the stuff on this blog and think ‘Hannah, what the hell were you doing?!’ but for now, I’ll just be happy I don’t have an unhealthy obsession with plants anymore.

Do you have any embarrassing photos you’d like to share? Come and join our therapy session!




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