My Week In Photos #5

So a lot of people are doing the Sprinkle of Glitter 30 day snap, but being the futuristic … urm people that we are, us here on 19th Main Street have already been doing that for 5 whole weeks. Don’t you feel special?! But you know what? If there’s a bandwagon, jump on it, because that’s where the party is. (Don’t take that literally. Don’t jump into people’s vans). So …



This is the starting point in a little project I’m doing right now. I’ll be honest, it hasn’t got much further than this – I’ve just painted a massive sheet, and got two bruises on my knees as payment.



Wooh, heart attack guys! It’s sunny. In England. There’s legs out everywhere, and I actually have tan lines! Personally, I think that’s quite an achievement, apart from the fact I wrote a massive essay last year about skin cancer, and have now ignored everything I wrote about …



As I said in my post ‘Recipe for Romance’ I’ve written down two of my families favourite recipes for my friend’s hen party present. In other news, Wednesday was the day I had a covering manager at work, who told whoever she spent all day on the phone with that she couldn’t swear, because there was a child in the room. I could have sworn at her. Especially as she was only two years older than me.



Katie and I spent Thursday having a picnic with some friends. They were celebrating the end of exams, and I was celebrating … urm my gap year? Anyway, the compulsory group photo turned more into Liza and I attempting to ruin every photo. And I must say we did very well. Also, I don’t actually have white hair, ’tis just the light.



I sent this to my friend on Snapchat, with a joke about strawberries, but now I’ve come to share it with you, I can’t remember what the hell it was. Something about the strawberry crossing the road. And of course, I can’t check what it was, because Snapchat is STUPID. So insert your own strawberry joke here.



Pretty sunsets lately



Because even when they’re dying, flowers are always pretty.

Till’ next week then …




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