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Series 5, Episode 10

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Awkward silence count: IIIIIIIIIIIIIIII

We’re off to Barcelona for some intense awkward and dramatic times. Spencer’s invited Lucy because he wants to date her, but has also had to invite her boyfriend Alex to get her then. Oh and Alex’s ex Phoebe would also happens to hate Lucy. Though I guess she was only invited because she was there when Spencer invited them to join him. Ugh, I hate Phoebe.


Poor Andy misses Louise. I don’t. Does this mean we get to go a whole episode without her sour little face? Fran has a two second chat with Binky about how horrible Phoebe is then says ‘it was nice hanging out. We should do this more often.’ Seriously, like a 2 second chat.
Proudlock and Francis are doing yoga in the park, which aside from being hilarious, PROUDLOCK’S CHEST. Thank you e4.


Spencer is actually being really sweet. He’s lending jackets, doing doe eyes and hasn’t run his hands through his hair once! Congrats Matthews! He keeps going on about how he really likes Lucy. She doesn’t really seem that into it though.

Proudlock and Francis are battling for a girl again. Is that not the same storyline as last year? Anyway, this time she’s from the running club and has an amazing talent to be able to carry out an awkward conversation after a long run.

Binky and Fran meet up and things quickly become trés awkward when Ollie, Oscar and Richard turn up. It’s like there wasn’t even a script! But apparently they all have a lot in common, because Fran is in the music industry, and Oscar and Richard ‘like music’.

Alex and Lucy have a little chat in which they decide it’s probably best to end their relationship. Spencer and Alex then have a candlelit chat in which Alex tells Spencer he’s cool with it. Then Spencer and Lucy have a chat in which Spencer tells her he wants her again and Lucy tells him she’s not just going to just drop everything for him …. annddd then they kiss. Good willpower Luce.


Continuing on the taking-it-slow-route, by the time they get back to London and Lucy meet Binky for lunch, Spencer’s already said he’s falling in love with her. Wow,

Jamie being the loving best friend that he is, tells Lucy that it won’t work out and that Spencer will probably cheat on her, which gets Lucy pretty pissed off. Just guessing the storyline here, but I reckon that Spencer will cheat on her. *GASP*


This week’s end of episode party is some form of club party that I think Mark Francis has something to do with. I dunno guys, I was just looking at my YouTube feed by this point.

Andy also thinks Spen-cy is a bad idea and warns Spencer not to cheat on Lucy, though I’m not totally sure his opinion can be counted in that jacket.


Bee, Francis and Proudlock are on a triple date – Francis sweet-talks her with some interesting chat on the Mafia and London’s gangs before Proudlock turns up, making things even more awkward. They have a short interrogation style chat and manage to scare Bee off, who leaves with a terrified look over her shoulder. Proudlock thinks it went well

Spencer confronts Jamie about his comments to Lucy about their relationship and it quickly digresses into the classic Spencer format of saying ‘fucking’ about a million times. Apparently Spencer isn’t going to cheat. I DON’T THINK SO. Because otherwise, there would be a healthy relationship in Chelsea and no one wants that.

Things we’ve learned this week: Spencer is talented with the ladies; Rosie will never get a boyfriend and Francis is still the best person on TV.


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