Stories of an Average Day

So if you read the lovely blog ‘Charlotte’s Web’ you’ll know of a little thing she’s started called Mundane Midweek, in which you have the excuse to write about the little things from your day, that wouldn’t usually make it onto a post, but you secretly kinda want to share. So here’s my contribution:

Last night, I set my alarm for 10.00am. I had to be in work for 12, and I factored in an hour for getting ready and half an hour to walk there. I woke up at 6. In the morning. After lying there for ages I gave up and spent a good couple of hours researching some weird stuff on the internet. My search history from this morning now consists of:

  • Is the old that played Hedwig still alive?
  • If you punched someone in space, would it hurt them?
  • Why didn’t giraffes just evolve to climb trees?
  • What is the collective term for hermit crabs?
  • What is a hermit crab?

After all that learning, my parents left for work, leaving me to waste some more time in front of the TV. unfortunately, I then fell into the terrifying black hole that is CeBeebies. I have no idea why I chose to watch that channel, there aren’t even any children in my house. But now I’ve seen some things I can’t un-see. The Tweenies being worms and performing the worst hopping ever seen. A whole twenty minutes of repeating the word ‘four’. A hippo that swims to the bottom of the sea and sits on a sea turtle (the turtle was fine, don’t worry).

After all that, I walked to work, holding my iPod the whole way because none of my clothes ever seem to include pockets. Also, why do people see you have earphones in, then decide to start a conversation with you? I thought I was going to be offered a promotion at work – I wasn’t. Then I had one of those awkward moments where you say something and the other person ignores you. I ducked my head down and pretended I hadn’t said anything, then after about a minute of complete silence she replies ‘Oh, were you talking to me?’.

Either way, you know you’ve had a pretty dull day when your highlight was the fact you managed to walk to and from work between rain showers.



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