The Father’s Day Tag

So it’s Father’s Day tomorrow, so we thought we’d do a little post for our Dads. We also invented a little ‘Father’s Day Tag’, which you’re welcome to use yourself, but we do ask that you would please credit us in your post.

Today, it’s my dad’s turn. In case you’re wondering, his full name is Christopher David, he’s 51, and he’s been a father for 26 years. Aged 25 he was a father of 1, 4 years later he became a father of 2, and another 4 years later, a father of three.


What is your first memory with your dad?

I don’t know if this is actually my first memory, everything’s a bit jumbled up when your little. I remember him putting me to bed every night and as part of our routine, we would do a little kid’s bible guide. There’d be a verse, a little lesson and some form of quiz or puzzle. Whenever I did a puzzle he’d sing a little song that was meant to put me off, but now, whenever I do a puzzle, I’m always singing that song in my head.

What is your most embarrassing memory with him?

This involves my mum too, but in my Year 6 Leaver’s play, I played the part of a rabbit. I say played, I had one line and mainly just held someone hostage for the whole thing. But for three nights, I got dressed up in a completely brown outfit, some hefty face paint, and some cardboard bunny ears.  On the night that my parents came to watch, we ran out of face wipes, meaning that I had to then walk home with full-face rabbit paint. My parents then managed to find my bunny ears, put them on and hopped down the road, as many of my friends drove past.

What is your favourite memory with him?

When I was nine, my dad was diagnosed with cancer. I remember one night I had a dream that it had killed him and we were all at his funeral. I woke up crying and he came in to check on me. He sat with me for ages while I calmed down, then he sang me back to sleep. That sounds so unbelievably cheesy, but it’s my favourite.

Which of his genes has been passed down?

Everyone always says I look like my dad. We have the same blue eyes, the same slightly wonky mouth and (unfortunately) the same nose. We have the same sense of humour, same hatred of tomatoes, same love of the zoo.

If you could live your childhood again, what would you do differently?

I wouldn’t have been so mean to him. I’ll admit that I have quite a harsh sense of humour, and some of the things I said to him actually really upset him. Like when he was having chemotherapy, and I told him I didn’t want him to take me to school, because I didn’t want my friends to see he was bald. I’d definitely be more loving. Oh, and I wouldn’t give up my swimming lessons. I could have been a lifeguard by now.

If you had an unlimited amount of money, what would you treat him to on Father’s Day?

I’d start off with a personalised box of Kellogg’s corn flakes, because he loves them was too much. In the morning I’d hire Andy Murray to play a game of tennis with him. I’d also pay him to let my dad win. Lunch would be at exactly 1.00pm. He’s very exact with lunchtime. I’d take him to a special sandwich bar, because he’s a strong believer that lunch=sandwiches. The afternoon would be spent in a museum of Maths. My brothers can accompany him on that bit. Then a dinner of chilli con carne, and an evening spent at a musical, because it’s no secret that he loves a good sing-a-long.



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