The Father’s Day Tag – Part 2

Okay so it’s another Father’s Day Tag post, and today it’s my turn.

My dad is called Keith, he’s 55, and he’s actually only been a father for 17 years. My parents were together for 11 years before having me, their first and only child.

A picture of the man himself

What is your first memory with your dad?

When I was little we often went on holiday to seaside places. One of these was Sidmouth in Devon where we would have a cottage near the beach. Most nights after dinner we would walk down to the sea and there used to be a sign, a pretty standard one, that had a picture of a man and a child which I would always point out and call the ‘Katie and Daddy’ sign (I was about 4 by the way)
Whenever I see one of those signs now I always think of my dad.


What is your most embarrassing memory with him?

Ever since we went on holiday to Berlin in 2010 my dad feels the need to make sure people know about it – especially German people. I remember a good example of this was when we were out for the day in London and had gone to Subway for lunch. Waiting in line to pay he noticed the people in front of us were speaking German. My dad therefore saw this as the perfect opportunity to start spouting random German place names. I don’t think he realised this would be like someone shouting street names at English people in the hope they had any idea what you were on about. But his efforts were in vain. They just gave us odd looks.

What is your favourite memory with him?

I have so many because we do spend a lot of time together but I’d have to say one of my favourite memories has to be on holiday again. When we went to Norfolk we decided to go to the beach because it was a nice day (well for England anyway). Not planning on actually going into the sea I’d put on a pretty skirt and done my hair for a stroll around the town and a possible quick pop down to the beach later on. However, (and you can probably see where this is going) this did not go to plan and we thought it would be a good idea to go and paddle in the water. My mum is not as much of a fan of going in the sea so she left us to it. Instead of just doing as we were going to, we waded in further and further until we were up to our chests. We got absolutely soaked and had to go and get changed but it was so worth it. We laughed so much and it was a moment were we were so happy and blissfully unaware of everything else by just enjoying ourselves and having fun.

Which of his genes have been passed down?

I’m sure my dad would like me to say his wonderful good looks, wit and charm, which are obviously all true…
However, unfortunately for my mum and nearer to the truth, we are both quite argumentative and stubborn – this doesn’t often go down well when we disagree on things. We also have some similar features like our eyes and thin lips and most importantly our sense of humour.

If you could live your childhood again, what would you do differently?

There’s not much I would change from my childhood because I loved every minute of it but if anything, I think, although it wasn’t childhood as such, that I wouldn’t have given up violin lessons. My dad always loved hearing me play and was always so proud of me after playing it at school concerts. It was so rewarding to have something to share with people and music is one of the best sources of that for me.

If you had an unlimited amount of money, what would you treat him to on Father’s Day?

Probably something we could do together, so not a massive present, but maybe a trip out. Admittedly it’d probably be more than a day trip but I’d love to take him to see the Northern Lights because he’s always wanted to and so have my mum and I. So I guess it’d work out for all of us!



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