My Week in Photos #6

The One Day Late edition, but did you enjoy yesterday’s Father’s Day Tag? If you haven’t read it yet, click here for mine, and here for Katie’s.



This Coke was over three years old. And it still tasted good.



Tuesday I had my hair cut. I absolutely hate having it cut. Even if there’s only been two inches off it feels incredibly short. But this time my hairdresser actually styled it properly and it looked kinda nice, so I took the chance to take a picture for my driver’s licence. I think this is the one.



Made some brownies using the ‘bridge cut method’ they taught us in cooking class for cutting the chocolate. Literally three months of that lesson was spent on the correct and safe way to use a knife.  I reckon that’s where our school’s reputation for knife crime came from.



My brother came round on Thursday and made me tea in the Justin Bieber mug he bought me last Christmas. I’m not exactly a fan of Justin – he just thought it would be funny, but he didn’t factor in the fact that on the other side of the mug is a huge picture of the guy that stares at you while you drink and is, quite frankly, terrifying.



I cut those carrots using the ‘bridge’ AND the ‘mouse’ method. Thanks food technology.



Because yay, it’s strawberry season!



My father’s day present to my dad was a card made of paper, and some duct tape. Apparently you can never have enough duct tape. (And just in case you think I’m really mean, my brothers and I had treated him to a day at the tennis the day before!)




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