Made in Chelsea Catch Up Time!

Series 5, Episode 11

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Awkward silence count: IIIIIIIIIIIII

And it’s the last in the series! I don’t know if I’m happy or sad, but I think we all need at least a couple of months break from all of this drama.

Louise is back (boo) and she’s finished Uni so she’ll probably be in the whole episode (even more boo). Andy’s there to meet her from the station in an interestingly flowery jumper. Louise’s excuse for not having any bags is that ‘someone is bringing them down’. But that doesn’t explain why she hasn’t got anything at all. Surely a weekend bag or something?!


Andy takes her off to her surprise graduation party, which, let’s be honest, looks a little disappointing.

Meanwhile at Stevie and Lucy’s flat, Spen-cy are having sexy times and Stevie has the same mug as me. Anyone else feeling really sorry for Stevie? Not only does he have to hear them having sex, but Spencer is wearing his boxers.


Oscar asks Fran out, but in a shocking plot twist, it turns out that Fran and Ollie have been getting frisky. WHAT?!? As in Ollie the guy that just broke up with his girlfriend because he finally wanted to be fully gay?! Ashley ain’ t gonna be happy about that …

Louise is competing for the most disgusting storyline when she spends the night with another guy. Yep, she’s just recreated what Spencer did to her, and Andy almost cries. Seriously, his lip is quivering and everything.


Cheska, Rosie, Binky and Millie are at Doga. Yes, that’s yoga with dogs. And that is all I have to say on that subject.


Andy has an angry chat with Louise. It’s actually in a location that Spencer and Louise once had and angry chat. They must be running out of suave looking bars in Chelsea. Anyway, Louise is being an absolute idiot. I don’t know what’s more annoying – the fact that she doesn’t seem to be able to comprehend what she’s done, or the fact that she’s constantly gnawing on her fingernails in the most unattractive way ever.

This week’s end of episode party is …. at Jamie’s dad’s house. And his dad doesn’t know. Though I bet he does now.

Basically, everyone at this party is mainly concentrated on giving Louise dirty looks. And who wouldn’t? SHE ALMOST MADE ANDY CRY!

Speaking of tears, Louise manages to get her compulsory sniffing in. I mean it is the last episode. But this time she combines it with what could be taken as mild remorse. She apologies to Andy, and him being such a softie, they make up, and agree to ‘work it out together’. Ugh.


But while Andy and Louise are making up, Spencer and Lucy are having a little tiff. Mainly over the fact that Spencer wants to go and comfort Louise, which at the beginning, I thought was kind of over-reacting, until Spencer then tells Louise that ‘a part of him will always love her’. Come on, that’s weird.

So, Doga’s a thing, Louise has overtaken Spencer in my most hated list, and this episode was the most undramatic cliffhanger I’ve ever seen.



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