Longest Day of the Year

Yesterday – 21st June – was the longest day of the year. Not as in another hour magically materialised, though that would be pretty cool, but the most hours of sunlight. In order to celebrate this, or rather to actually do something instead of the ironing, my parents and I headed out for a nice little walk around some lakes.


We eventually started out after about 10 minutes of trying to find somewhere to park. We did think we’d found a place, until my mum saw two groups of ‘youths’ – complete with hats just balancing on the top of their heads and silly little girl bags round their necks – sitting in, what I expect, were their mum’s cars. My mum decided that she didn’t want to leave her car next to them in case they wanted something more interesting to do than just sit in the car and play loud music, and decided to hit it.


After buying my big slightly professional camera a couple of months ago, my mum has taken up a new hobby. Given that my camera has a pretty amazing zoom, she likes me to zoom in on things and take pictures, so she can basically spy from afar. This picture was taken because she saw some people on the other side of the lake and wanted to know what they were doing. They were standing on a bridge.




This photo was taken by my dad of my grumpy disgust when my mother told me I wasn’t allowed to climb on the tree on the left. Okay, it was rotten, and in the water but, hey, what’s life without risks!? What this picture doesn’t tell you is the fact that I pulled this face for a second, but then my dad shouted ‘hold it’, so I had to then hold the pose for at least a minute while he tried to work out how to turn my camera on. And then he took it wonky because it’s ‘artistic’.



I would have taken more photos, but the majority was film. I then spent what felt like a lifetime today attempting to edit it all together for you all, but unfortunately my patience finished before it did. Maybe you’ll see it at a later date, or maybe it will remain hidden in My Documents forever. You choose? Is that something you’d like to see, or do you prefer pictures? Maybe a combination of the both? Please let me know! And also, to prove that you’ve made it this far and actually read the bits in between. If you have, congratulations. Gold star for effort.




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