My Week in Photos #7

News on next week: Katie will be taking the lead on posting so make sure you check out what she’ll be creating. Also, midweek we’ll be unveiling our big challenge for this blog, so keep an eye out for that.


DSCN2818To see my post on these nails, follow this link



After returning home after work, I spent all evening making three of these flower circles for my brother’s wedding. Three in like four hours. Only about 20 more to go … (p.s I did only put my feet in this picture for perspective, not for looks)



You know those fake hair plait hairbands everyone was really into a couple of months ago? I CAN DO THAT WITH MY OWN HAIR! And I feel like that is some sort of achievement. Also, I’ve never really looked at my hair in that much detail before – there’s so many colours!



The recipe book for my friend’s bridal shower is finally complete, and ready to be wrapped for Sunday



Another pretty water shot from our longest-day-of-the-year-walk. Being English means that every sighting of the sun is excitingly special.



In more preparations for previously mentioned friend’s bridal shower, my mama made these cheesecakes for the occasion. She is the queen of cheesecake and even made a special one for our friend Sarah who’s celiac. That’s friendship for you!



Wehey! Wedding Shower time! Here’s the veil we made the bride wear – it’s from a toy bear and wasn’t a perfect fit but still.

Well those photo’s weren’t very exciting were they? I promise next week will be better as I have a week PACKED with stuff.



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