A Small Saturday

Firstly, I would like to express just how much I hate dance exams. If you’ve ever done a dance exam you will understand what I mean when I say just how ridiculous they are. For months you are taught these dances so that you know them off by heart until you walk into the room with the examiner and you forget everything you have ever learnt. This goes for any and all exams if I’m honest, but especially when you are confronted with a woman behind a desk patronisingly asking you “Oh you haven’t been taught that?” and then rolling her eyes and writing on that dreaded exam sheet…but if you have never done a dance exam, well, lucky you. By the way, I had 3 dance exams today, because otherwise this won’t make sense if you didn’t know that.

However, during these tragic times of long-awaited exams that fail miserably the best thing to do is look at the little things in life. Like pigeons. Especially pigeons that you have lovingly named Percy and that seem to live in your back garden. For example:


This is said pigeon. He’s been sitting on the top of our bench every day for about a month now and we’ve actually started to train him. If we put food out for him, he will fly over to it while we are still there. I’m thinking of adopting this bird. It is adorable.

Another one of these small things is sitting down and watching a good old rom-com. I am a massive fan of Audrey Hepburn so decided to watch Breakfast at Tiffany’s with my best friend. I think one thing that will always cheer me up is spending time with a friend with a beautifully predictable film such as this. 

Next time something has happened that’s getting you down just look for your Percy, because no matter what, there is always some kind of silver (or pigeon shaped) lining.



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