Newspaper Nails

Another nail tutorial for you. This time its newspaper nails. If you have no idea what I’m on about:


They are so simple to do, and, unlike many tutorials tell  you to, you don’t have to use alcohol – only water!

Okay first,

What you’ll need:

A nail file, coloured nail varnish for your base coat, a clear top coat, a small bowl of water, newspaper with text.

Newspaper Nails

1. Shape and neaten up nails

Using your nail file, shape your nails so they have no rough edges and are nicely shaped.

2. Paint your base coat. 

Make sure you leave it to dry for a while after you’ve painted it because it’ll smudge easily if you don’t once you put the design on.

3.  Cut up newspaper

Cut the newspaper up into small squares that cover the whole of your nail. Cut them all in one go so you won’t have to do it once you’re half way through doing your nails. I would do about 12 though in case some don’t transfer properly.

4. Dip each piece in water so it’s just damp.

Make sure it doesn’t get too wet because the ink won’t transfer.

5Press the newspaper firmly onto your nail

I do mean firmly too. Roll your nail underneath the newspaper in one go so you don’t get duplicated patterns.

6. Top coat

Finish off your design with a top coat. Again, I would wait a while so you don’t smudge the ink.

So there you go. If you try this yourself be sure to show us, we’d love to see how they turn out!



Bridge Dot Nails

So currently, I’m swanning off on holiday (if you can count a field in Stafford a holiday) so to save poor Katie having an overload of posts to do here’s one I did earlier á la Blue Peter.


I’m calling these Bridge Dots because of the angle of the dots (obviously). To me, straight lines on nails look a little weird, because they aren’t straight or flat to begin with. Adding patterns with a curve just seems to add something.

After painting the base, I used the technique Katie taught us a couple of weeks ago, using the rounded end of a hair grip for small even spots. You can read that post here.

What nail techniques have you been trying out lately?


The 101 Challenge

Right, we thought it was about time we got round to posting some of the things off our 101 Challenge that we have completed.

So to start:

4 – Get involved with a world record attempt

About a year ago, our school decided to attempt the world record for the tallest cookie tower. As prefects, some of us were allowed to help out by letting children in and out of the room to help build it. I spent pretty much the whole day tiptoeing around because I was so worried I would fall over onto the tower and knock it all over. Seriously, they had teachers standing around the tower to make sure people did go anywhere near it like bouncers. They took it VERY seriously. Though a lot of us did end up stealing biscuits at the end of the day because we had about 10 boxes left over so there were some perks. I stayed there all day (no, not to avoid lessons…) and when the photographer for the newspaper turned up I was one of the only ones that had been there the whole time, so they chose me to be in the photo. Which you can see below:


Cookie Tower 2

My hand looks bigger than my face…


The original cookie tower record was set by the Girl Scouts of Nassau County in America and measured 6 ft 1/8 in tall. However, we did achieve the world record as our cookie tower stood at 6ft 2inches.


101 Challenge Completed: 1




George Alexander Louis to be exact. The Daily Mail wrote a truly groundbreaking headline in explanation of the name choice: “They liked the names…no more, no less”. Great. Well if you are in fact interested in why the Royal baby has been named as he has, here is a quick overview – a little more in-depth than the Daily Mail.



He’ll be the 7th George when he’s King and is 3rd in line to the throne after Prince Charles and his Dad Prince William.
Six King Georges have worn the crown throughout history since the German-born George I, was crowned in 1714.

The name means farmer or earth worker.
St George is the patron Saint of England and represents honour, bravery and gallantry. The legend of George slaying a dragon and rescuing an innocent maiden is medieval.


Basically all I can find on this is that its popular in Scotland and that William and Kate met at university in Scotland. That’s all I can deduce from it anyway.


St Andrews University


Personally, I hope they named it after Louis Tomlinson from One Direction but apparently its the last of William’s three middle names. Disappointing. But I can still dream.


That Door We Can Never Forget

Last night, I spent 3 hours staring at a door. This door to be exact.



Waiting for the adorable little baby to come out and show the world his little face, which of course, was worth the waiting but still. I did spend an entire evening watching a door. Though of course, the BBC keep it interesting with four different angles of the door. Just when you thought you’d got bored of staring at it straight on, you switch to watching it from a perspective slightly to the left.

And of course the commentators. I personally think they deserve some form of reward. Hours of commentating on a subject that you have 5 pieces of information on is not a job I would envy. And of course, once they stopped talking you began to realise how sad you really are, sitting watching a door. There were several times when I thought I would just get up and maybe put the dinner in the oven, but then the door would twitch slightly and I’d stop kidding myself that I was going to move.

My favourite part – barr the baby actually coming out of course – was the interview they did with a commentator who clearly hates the monarchy. What a better why to spend the waiting hours than listening to a grumpy woman go on about how this baby is ‘nothing special’ and how ‘millions of women have babies every day and they just get on with it.’ Charmer.

Eventually though, it was announced that they would come out in 5 minutes, and 15 minutes after that time had passed, they did come out onto the steps in coordinated colours. And then Prince William drove them away; my mum and I couldn’t control ourselves because it was so cute that he did that; and we all went back to our normal lives. Though I couldn’t help turning the news on this morning. You know, just in case.




Three kings in a row?!

Personally, I was hoping for a girl, but still.

In case you have no idea what I’m on about. it’s just been announced the Duchess of Cambridge has given birth to a baby boy. Meaning the next three people in line to the throne are men/baby.


It’s things like this that make me proud to be British, everyone getting so excited about one little baby.  I’m betting they’ll name it George.


My week in photos #9

So the time has come to change around the format of the Sunday week in photos post. The reason being that now I have a proper grown-up job, the majority of my days are spent staring at walls of files and posters that state that “It’s a laugh a minute in Pensions”. I think that’s meant to be humourous in some way but I don’t see it.

Anyway, the new format will basically be photos of anything more exciting and not related to work.

Summer has finally arrived, and personally, I reckon everything looks better in the sun. You notice things that you wouldn’t normally notice.  I took these photos after having my breakfast sat outside, and being attacked by a variety of insects.

DSCN3243[1] DSCN3253[1] DSCN3266[1]

I also managed to collect together enough hairgrips to make this hairstyle secure enough public. It then went on a nice little trip to get some takeaway Nandos and eat it in a dark room with The Wedding Singer. I always forget how much I love that film. Also, that dark room was in a house which wasn’t mine and also didn’t belong to the two other people I was with. It was a little weird.


We also made wedding decorations at that awkward sleepover at someone else’s house. Here’s the stash so far. There’s about 20 large ones and countless other sizes and I have no idea what we’re going with them after the wedding.


Except this one. This one. The people who live in the house we were stealing have two cats. When we came down in the morning, the cats had left us a lovely present all over one. Ugh.


And by this time in two weeks, I’ll have a sister-in-law!


Sometimes …

If someone asked me right this second, “are you happy with your life right now?” I don’t think I’d be able to answer. If they asked me this evening, I’d probably say “yes”, and if they asked me tomorrow afternoon, I’d probably say “maybe not”.

I think the real reason for that indecision is covered in this quote from The Lucky One by Nicholas Sparks.


I came across it while reading the book (obviously) and I just sat there for a bit, thinking that is so true! 

There are many aspects of my life that I’m not happy with at the moment. I’m disappointed in myself for having to have professional help for my anxiety issues; I hate the fact I’ll be re-starting sixth form in September a year below my friends, and the fact that I’ve grown apart from them in the past year especially as so many friendships and relationships of people I know seem to be breaking down and ending.

But despite all of these downsides, I can’t describe myself as being sad, or unhappy, because of the people around me.

A few weeks ago, my church welcomed two American interns that have come to spend the summer with us and they’ve definitely proved this quote right. I’ve never had so much fun watching a tennis game, looking round Birmingham markets or painting a lion. All ordinary things that have now become treasured memories, just because I did them with the right people.

Who are the special people in your life who makes the ordinary become the extraordinary?


DIY Flower Nails

Okay here’s a quick DIY nail tutorial that’s easy to do but looks really nice. Also, these are not my own nails because I had difficulty painting them and taking pictures at the same time.


1. Firstly, file down and shape your nails.


2. Paint the base coat in whatever colour you want. I’ve chosen Peppermint by Rimmel London. It’s best to do at least 2 coats to make sure its a solid colour.



3. Leave to dry for about 5 minutes to make sure the design doesn’t ruin the base colour. (Apologies for the over spill onto the finger by the way)



4. Using a white nail art pen or white nail varnish on a thin paintbrush, paint a flower shape and create 5 lines – one for each petal – in the middle.



5. Then blob another colour for the centre of the flower – I’ve chosen pink but any colour that matches and compliments the base coat will look good!


6. And there we go. It takes very little time but gives you nails that extra little something.